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17349Re: [Star Trek Books] Slightly Odd Q

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  • Staci Hapdock
    Jul 1, 2005
      What's the difference between seeping and steeping it?

      "Keith R.A. DeCandido" <krad@...> wrote:

      >Something really small that's been niggling at me. In SCE: Breakdowns,
      >right near the start of Pattie's story, she gets to her teacher's place
      >where tea has been made. I don't know much about tea preparation, so I'm
      >not sure if it's a typo, or a way of preparing it I don't know, but it
      >mentions them 'seeping' the tea. As I said, not a big deal, just
      >something that caught my attention.

      Yup, that's a term for it.

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