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  • Allyn Gibson
    Apr 1, 2005
      On Friday, April 1, 2005, David wrote:

      > Well, television has a sort of history of it though.

      Yes, but British television is produced in a completely different
      manner than American television. I can't understand how it
      can take the BBC nine months to produce thirteen half-hour episodes of
      Doctor Who--that was one of Eccleston's reasons for leaving, the
      grueling nine-month production schedule. An American drama usually
      has a seven or eight-day shooting schedule per episode, so thirteen
      episodes should take no more than four or five months to produce.
      Were Doctor Who made on an American schedule, Eccleston would still
      have been free seven or eight months out of the year to pursue other
      work. There's something very inefficient about the British model.

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