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16082RE: [Star Trek Books] Doctor Who

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  • Sian Jackson
    Apr 1, 2005
      Why couldnt Chris Eccleston and the bbc have waited afew more weeks to
      announce that there was going to a change in the doctor's appearence. from
      next season.

      I think its going to effect views I mean from where I look at it. A Week
      ago I really enjoyed Doctor who and was looking forward to every episode.
      But now I'm thinking well

      a. The BBC should have the main actors sign a contract for 6 years like
      I've heard they do with the main actors for Star Trek!

      b. I'm now thinking twice about watching the rest of the remaing 12
      parts to Doctor who because I dont see the point.

      c. Chris Eccleston has shot himself in the foot I dont think he
      would get type casted . he has upset the fans too.

      some how i've got a bad feeling Doctor who is no going to rememberd as
      the actor who quit before the show even aired its second episode

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