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  • Allyn Gibson
    May 1, 2004
      On Saturday, May 01, 2004 Kevin wrote:

      > Okay, I made that part up. I write *fiction*, y'know?

      Just picking on you, Kevin. (It's been one of those weeks.) No harm
      meant. :)

      Allyn http://www.allyngibson.net
      AIM: mknzycalhn ICQ: 4342396

      What's problematic to me is not that the President is staggeringly
      dim-witted, but that the press knows he's staggeringly dim-witted
      and everyone just pretends that he's not. It's like the Presidency
      has become the Special Olympics and everyone wants to give him an
      award just for trying.
      -- Huey, "The Boondocks," 28 April 2004
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