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  • David Fernau
    Apr 1, 2004
      Who says the present continuity would be wiped away?
      Did TNG wipe away the TOS continuity? Did DS9 wipe
      away TNG or TOS? Did Voyager wipe out the previous
      three series?

      Another series could easily fit into the Trek
      universe. We could pick up where Voyager left off,
      perhaps with a ship sent into the Delta quadrant... we
      could pick up where the DS9 books have started to go,
      with explorations into the Gamma quadrant. We could go
      back and see what the Enterprise-B, C, or D was like.
      We could even do something similar to SCE, in the same
      timeline as TNG, DS9, and Voyager, if we wanted. There
      are still many, MANY stories left to tell in the Trek

      As for re-imagining, they could never get that past
      the Trek fans. Let us be clear, Charlie's Angels,
      Battlestar Galactica, and Mission Impossible never,
      and I mean NEVER had the kind of fan loyalty that Trek
      has. Trek fans have kept these shows in syndication,
      and new books being produced every month! Can you say
      that about Battlestar Galactica? The lack of a strong
      fan base is what allowed them to get away with that
      "re-imagining" that they did to Galactica. It will NOT
      happen to Trek.

      --- Jerry L Seward <Jerry457@...> wrote:
      > The present continuity as to TOS, TNG, DS9,
      > VOYAGER, and yes,
      > ENTERPRISE (which is not that bad). All the history
      > would be wiped away
      > in favor of starting completely from scratch with
      > different actors
      > playing Kirk and crew.
      > So you're saying you would be okay with the
      > possibility of the
      > franchise going away and coming back as a CHARLIE'S
      > ANGELS-style
      > "re-imagining"?
      > Jerry
      > --
      > On Thu, 01 Apr 2004 06:31:12 -0800 David Fernau
      > <davidf1966@...>
      > writes:
      > "The present continuity"? What continuity?
      > Enterprise has changed many
      > many things about the Trek universe unilaterally.
      > Further, the fact that you feel you have to
      > encourage fans and twist
      > arms to get them to support Enterprise is evidence
      > of the fact that a
      > large number of fans feel that it is not worth
      > saving.
      > Look, I was enthusiastic about the concept of a
      > prequel... I love
      > Porthos, got a kick out of several of the
      > characters, and thought that
      > the early storylines were among the best in Trek.
      > But they have dug
      > themselves a hole, and if it is not already too deep
      > to climb out of, it
      > soon will be.
      > Finally, supporting a losing franchise does nothing
      > good for Trek as a
      > whole... in fact, it may harm Trek as a whole
      > because many prospective
      > fans will be turned off by Enterprise and thus will
      > be turned off to the
      > rest of Trek. We need our "flagship," meaning movies
      > and TV, to be good
      > enough to draw new fans into the universe of books
      > and short stories.
      > Enterprise just isn't good enough for that.
      > Jerry Seward wrote:
      > > I really feel STAR TREK fans need to
      > become more united and
      > > support keeping ENTERPRISE on the air. If the
      > franchise is given a
      > rest,
      > > no, it wouldn't be the death of TREK as a whole,
      > but fans can say
      > > good-bye to the present continuity. After a long
      > break, Paramount would
      > > bring the franchise back as a "re-imagining" of
      > TOS ala BATTLESTAR
      > clean slate. That's what
      > I
      > > predict happening. If the first TREK movie had
      > taken another ten years
      > to
      > > make, it would've been a remake.
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