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11705RE: Save Star Trek Letter WAY OT

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  • royboogie
    Apr 1, 2004
      I know that I will probably take a beating over this, but I
      distinctly remember saying before "Enterprise" aired that it was a
      bad idea. It was crazy to go backwards. I love Trek. I have novels in
      all genres. I have all of the movies (even Star Trek V). I grew up
      watching all of it, even the Saturday morning cartoon. I have model
      ships and space stations, but as much as I love Star
      Trek, "Enterprise" just was a bad idea. I have tried over and over to
      get into the characters, the ship and the aliens. It just doesn't
      appeal to me. If it doesn't appeal to me...the most die hard of
      fans...how is it gonna attract new fans? If the decision to kill of
      this series were to fall today, it would have no bearing whatsoever
      on my love for Trek as a whole. In fact to me, "Enterprise" has been
      dead and buried for quite a while, but Trek is alive and well.
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