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1102December Trek Book Releases

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  • MsFerengi
    Dec 1, 2000
      Not to much happening this month with new trek
      books. Novels anyway. But here is what is being released
      December 2000.<br><br>"I,Q" by Peter David and John De
      Lancie-Paperback, TNG<br><br>"Shadow of Heaven" by Christie Golden,
      book 3 in the Dark Matters Trilogy-Paperback,
      VOY<br><br>"Spock vs. Q: The Sequel"-Audiobook featuring Nimoy and
      DeLance<br><br>"Star Trek-The Human Frontier" by Michael and Duncan
      Barret. This nonfiction title is available only in the
      UK. Sorry no other details.<br><br>"The Ethics of
      Star Trek" by Judy Barard, PHd-Hardcover, nonfiction.
      A look at the philosophies and ethics from various
      episodes of Star Trek.<br><br>"Star Trek Special #1"-a
      collection of trek comics<br><br>Details about any of these
      books, including excerpts from the novels can be found
      at the PsiPhi Star Trek Book
      Database.<br><a href=http://www.psiphi.org/cgi/upc-db/upcoming.html target=new>http://www.psiphi.org/cgi/upc-db/upcoming.html</a>
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