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[starshield-rpg] Re: Q-DEX: Necromantic Leveling

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  • DarkSide
    Sildrake, Mark, Thanks for the explanation. I take the point about ships being in real trouble. Even though I still feel it would be more realistic (whatever
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2000
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      Sildrake, Mark,
      Thanks for the explanation. I take the point about ships being in real
      trouble. Even though I still feel it would be more 'realistic'
      (whatever that means in a sci-fi setting) for items to change
      permanently, I see now that it wouldn't be plausable to treat them so
      in Ss. Point withdrawn.

      --- sildrake <sildrake@...> wrote:
      > At 05:24 AM 1/31/00 -0800, Darkside wrote:
      > > Just one question. If you move an enchanted weapon to a zone which
      > >will not support enchantments, it loses its enchantment because the
      > >enchantment cannot exist in that zone.
      > This is an OLD question we got together and answered a while ago
      > during the first underlaws debate.
      > Technically the enchantment DOESN'T vanish. It just doesn't work.
      > Most zones have both ether and matter, and the ether that is a part
      > of the sword that makes it enchanted stays in the sword. Those that
      > have absolutely no matter or ether would be considered abbarent. It
      > is in these zones that an enchanment would be destroyed.
      > Note that a zone having ether and matter don't have much to do with
      > the Q-dex rating. A plain ordinary "physics" zone will have ether,
      > that ether just doesn't do anything.
      > >So how does the weapon
      > >'remember' that it's enchanted when you return it to a similar zone?
      > Since the ether is still in the sword, it's just waiting for a zone
      > where it's properties can manifest themselves.
      > >The enchantment isn't just suppressed, it it doesn't exist any more.
      > It
      > >is my view that once an item enters a zone where some of its
      > properties
      > >cannot exist, they are lost irrevocably, the item being forever
      > >changed. Bringing the item back into its native zone would then
      > cause
      > >it to level again, from its new permanent state to another even
      > newer
      > >permanent state.
      > If we were to do this most empires would be screwed after leaving
      > their home Q-dexs. Remember, this law would apply to both tech and
      > magic in all aspects. Nuclear drives would become usless piles of
      > dirt, spell jammers would become useless balls of glass. Anything
      > that did anything upon return would become something that did
      > nothing. Intersteller travel would become impossible as ships could
      > only be used to leave. How could they get any farther than the
      > boarder of their empire if the magic and tech that made the ship work
      > in their own zone no longer worked? Even life-support would probably
      > go.
      > > Have I started upsetting people yet? :]
      > Um...grrrrrr and stuff. :P
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