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[Starshield] SM: Into the Unknown: The Seeker

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  • octoberstudios
    Crysallis 2 Dra Keshi flagship Prince Dylen s Ready Room Dylen slammed the comm button. Report! Captain. I was unable to get any reading on the internal
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 7, 2007
      Crysallis 2
      Dra'Keshi flagship
      Prince Dylen's Ready Room

      Dylen slammed the comm button.  "Report!"


      "Captain.  I was unable to get any reading on the internal scan of the object, in fact when I tried some type of feedback wave knocked out all our sensors and several other systems were also briefly disrupted.  The betas are working to repair the sensors, but for the moment we are blind..."  The nervous voice of the stand-in science officer responded over the comm. and then fell silent to await further instructions.


      Patching in the comm. for the navigation station on the bridge, Dylen ordered all stop and to maintain shields at maximum.


      Turning his gaze to those present in the ready room, the Dra'Keshi prince spoke plainly.  "As I see it we have a few options, none of which seems particularly pleasant.  I can send a squad of Draks out to try and tow that object away from us and hope that we can break whatever tether it has to us.  We could proceed on course to the nearest outpost, but with that thing on us it would most certainly get on station and that would likely be very bad.  We could try blasting it, but not knowing it's internal structure, I have no idea what our weapons would do to it or us...  There is also the distinct possibility that we have an unfriendly on board who could do any manner of damage until he can be discovered and appropriately confined or dealt with.  At present trying to tow the thing away seems to me the best of our options, but if I am missing any ideas, please feel welcome to offer them..."

      Cynthia held up a hand as she moved forward to address the Prince. 

      "Sir, something Vestis Tartare said I find ... troubling." Half turning the Archaen Dreamer gave the Vestis a tranquil look. 

      "Honor-Tartare, you said the artifact was trying to get somewhere, and that it would seek the user who could do so?"

      The Omnet agent stroked his chin. 

      "That's right."

      "Where does it want to go?"

      The Vestis blinked hard as if he had never considered that idea.

      'I'm ... I'm not sure, doctor,"

      "Cynthia, what are you suggesting?" asked Trek. The Dreamer turned to her fellow Archaen before passing her gaze towards the nearest view port. 

      "The artifact is capable of interstellar travel. If so ... why is it following us?"

      "It's seeking its user," suggested Sergeant Esparr. Cynthia nodded. 

      "Yes. Which means there's something or someone on board this ship that it needs."

      At that she turned back to Prince Dylen.

      "Sir ... I think any attempt to tow the artifact away may cause it to respond defensively."

      "Ishtar ... " whispered Trek. "Sir .... she's right. If that think can open up dimensional rifts... "

      He let the rest of his words go unspoken. The point was too horrific to say.

      "No, it needs it's user to do that," corrected Tartare.

      "Does it?" asked Trek. "Truly, how do we know?"

      The Vestis opened his mouth then closed it. A silence filled the room. 

      "Sir," said Cynthia. "I believe the artifact is waiting for something."

      The Dra'Keshi Prince looked at his Science Officer. 

      "What may that be?"

      "An opportunity. If this device is sentient, and as powerful as Vestis Tartare claims it to be
      it could easily get past our shields and come aboard to find its user."

      Dylen studied the room's view screen then turned back the the Dreamer. 

      "So why hasn't it?"

      The Dreamer closed her eyes. 

      "I've tried to MINDRACE that answer, sir." Her eyes opened. 

      "I believe it doesn't want to damage the ship, or anyone on board."

      "Well, that's blood nice of it," said Tartare in an impatient tone. "How come?"

      "Because ... " Cynthia turned and address all within the room with her gas-fire blue eyes.

      "I think this ship is the user it seeks."


      OOC: man, real sorry for not getting to this sooner. 

    • Stellar StarElven
      Dylen s expression showed sudden comprehension following Cynthia s final statement. By Valik s blood! The Drak Prince swore softly. I had not even
      Message 2 of 4 , Jul 7, 2007
        Dylen's expression showed sudden comprehension following Cynthia's final statement.
        "By Valik's blood!"  The Drak Prince swore softly.  "I had not even considered such a possibility, have I told you lately how fortunate we are to have you with us Cynthia?  If I haven't then my apologies, for we surely are."
        Including the rest of the room in his gaze Dylen shrugged and added.  "I suppose a test is in order at this point.  I shall take that responsibily, for if it goes badly then none shall be to blame aside from myself."
        Tapping a spinning multi-hued orb upon his console, Dylen spoke aloud.  "Crys..."
        "Yes Captain?"  Came the melodic artifical voice of the crystalline AI.
        While examining the last sensor read available before they were knocked out, Dylen tapped the location of a small meteroid about 600 meters off their starboard bow.  "I wish for you to send a comm signal to the object near us, you know the object I mean?"
        "Yes Captain.  And what do you request to be sent?"  The same unwavering voice, entirely lacking of emotion, which in this case provided some measure of comfort.
        "Tell the "object" that YOU want it to go wait by that rock.  Be certain to indicate that it is your wish and not an order from the captain or any other aboard...  Do you understand Crys?"
        "Yes Captain.  I personally have no wants, beyond serving yourself and the crew, however if that is your desire then I shall relay the message in the context you described.  Will there be anything else Captain?"
        "That is all for the moment Crys, please relay the message now...and thanks..."  Dylen concluded as a soft beep indicated the channel closed.
        Looking to the others present, Dylen shrugged.  "I suppose now we wait for sensors..."
        "Captain...Sensors coming back online now."  The voice of the stand in science officer chimed in over the comm."
        "...and see what happens."  Dylen smirked in conclusion and activated the large view screen to one side of the ready room.
        ((OOC:  No problem, I know how busy lives can be.  This one is rather short, but I wanted to give you the opportunity to write this part))

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      • octoberstudios
        Crysallis 2 Dra Keshi flagship Prince Dylen s Ready Room Cory watched the main screen as the silver entity gently rippled. It was like looking at water in the
        Message 3 of 4 , Jul 22, 2007
          Crysallis 2
          Dra'Keshi flagship
          Prince Dylen's Ready Room

          Cory watched the main screen as the silver entity gently rippled. It was like looking at water in the template of an egg waver ever so slightly. Seconds passed, then with a surge of excitement the artifact actually moved - exactly as the Prince ... 

          *No ... scratch that,* thought Trek. *Exactly as the 'ship' had requested it to.*

          A small buzz began to vibrate the back of his head causing him to press his temples with his fingers. His eyes began to water. Around him he saw everyone do the same.

          *DO NOT WISH TO HARM. THE GATEWAY MUST BE OPENED* shouted a voice in his mind.

          Cory clamped his hands over his ears as he dropped to one knee. 

          "The Hell was that?" shouted Tartare. His nose was bleeding. 

          "The artifact,* answered Cynthia calmly, though Cory could see she too was in pain as she gripped the side of a table. 

          "Your test proved correct, sir," she somehow managed to say with control. "The Artifact appears to be sentient, and in need of the Crysallis 2."

          "Aye," said the Omnet Vestis as he wiped his nose with the sleeve of his tunic. "But what the hell is this ... gateway?"

          All eyes turned to the Prince. 


          The doors to engineer parted allowing the 'survivor' to enter. Bloodshot eyes, yellow with jaundice - or something worse, took in the heart of the Dra'keshi ship until it spotted what it was looking for. Striding towards the shield generator a stout, defiant voice stopped him. 

          "This room is off limits!" shouted a male Engineer's Mate as he strode towards the stranger. The Dre'Keshi stopped two even steps behind the trespasser. The stranger's back was too him but judging by his uniform he looked like one of the Fierce Light's surviving crewmen - an Omnet Centurion judging by his tattered uniform. Regardless, he had no business wandering into the ship's main engineering bay. With a heavy sigh the Mate realized he'd have to report him. That meant paper work, and time spent away from his assigned task. 

          "Sir ... I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to ... "

          The stranger turned around and the Mate froze in both shock and horror. The Centurion's face was swarming with maggots. For one split second the Dra'Keshi paused - both in thought and action. It was enough to cost him his life. 

          The Centurion's mouth split open twice as wide as humanly possible. Thick, black necro-tendrils spat out and into the Mate's face. The Drak's screams racked his entire body as every thought - every memory the man possessed where consumed in a matter of seconds. The Dra'keshi's body (though he was now no longer a member of that race) flinched with stiff limbs as the last of the tendrils slipped into his - into 'its' mouth, nose, ears and tear ducts. In front of him the wasting body of the Centurion spasm, then dropped the to floor in a spattering wet bloody mass of maggots and flies. Ignoring the carnage the 'survivor's' new host body  looked around with blood shot, jaundice eyes before ambling over to the shield generator.  Working quickly its finger danced over the controls with immediate results. 

          The Crysallis 2's shields dropped. 

          A thin smiled was pulled across the 'survivor's' face. The Dark Necromancer Thirteen now waited for the Artifact to come. 


        • Stellar StarElven
          Just as they were beginning to feel pleased with having discovered the key to that particular mystery, all hell broke loose. Pulsing red light flooded the
          Message 4 of 4 , Jul 24, 2007
            Just as they were beginning to feel pleased with having discovered the key to that particular mystery, all hell broke loose.  Pulsing red light flooded the chamber and a siren sounded in red alert.  The comm. chirped and the temporary science officer reported that shield had just dropped.  The cause being a manual override from engineering.  Meanwhile the Crys 2 AI announced shipwide.  "Collision alert, Imminent collision detected.  Shields are down."
            "Science, report!"  Dylen barked into the still open comm.
            "Sorry sir, I just detected it myself as well, an asteroid inbound for our location, it's a big one too... 10million micron density per inch.  It will hit us in just under 30 minutes at current speed.  Without the shields..."  The frazzled junior officer balked, sounding nervous and distressed.
            "We would be like a bug on it's windshield...  Point taken.  Dylen out."  The captain concluded and looked to the array of faces in his ready room.
            "I need to get to engineering.  We must stop that intruder from doing even more, and cannot let him gain control of the AI, if that happens it's endgame for certain."
            "Cyn..."  Looking to the dreamer, not having time for full names at the moment, Dylen knew she would understand.  "I need you back on the bridge at the science station.  I know you are not an engineer...but if you can find a way to get the shields back up from the bridge...  Bypass the override somehow...  Do what you can and keep me apprised of any new developments."  The captain smiled, having every confidence in her talents and ingenuity.
            Looking between Cory and the Vestis, Dylen continued quickly while moving for the ready room exit.  "I need one of you with me, you two are the most knowledgable about the artifact and intruder on the ship at this moment.  The other should remain here in case the unthinkable happens..."  The captain having a good feel for the pair was fairly certain that the Vestis would remain behind, and that suited the captain perfectly fine.
            Tapping his personal comm. on the run, Dylen called for a security team to seal off engineering.  "Secure the perimeter but do not enter until I arrive...  Dylen out."
            This is not going at all as I expected of my first command...  Dylen considered, yet a slight smile curled his lips as it was certainly far more exciting at least.

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