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[Starshield] SM: Winds of War Chapter 23 Book 2 - Pt. 2

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  • octoberstudios
    Book II _______________________Fail Safe___________________ Trinity Forces Field Hospital Erin awoke. Her body had been bruised and beaten, her injuries quite
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      Book II

              _______________________Fail Safe___________________ 

      Trinity Forces Field Hospital

      Erin awoke. Her body had been bruised and beaten, her injuries quite serious.  Yet somehow, she was in perfect health, at least physically. She ripped away the monitor leads and wires that were recording her vital signs. She stood up, grabbed her clothes and began walking aimlessly. Or so she thought.  Something was drawing her to the mess hall, though she was not consciously aware of it.

      The mind of Erin Webstrider was in complete and total turmoil. Since the incident with the Arach'lol, a demonic monster from another plane of existence, she had become the only dr'owe elf in history to be a living conduit for the power of The Dark Goddess of The Dr'owe. The problem was, she could barely control her powers. The Spider Queen Herself was constantly trying to insinuate Herself into Erin's mind. The dark elf priestess walked the corridors of the Ring Complex,  seeking solace that she could never find, not until she could rid herself of the Power of the Dr'owe Goddess.

      Thus it was that she entered the mess hall just as Roman Vann was confronting some rather strange dark elves. The sight enraged her. These Dr'owe were abominations, her mind screamed, and needed to be destroyed.  She lashed out with the divine power of her goddess.  Glasses shattered, furniture flung itself about the room, and people screamed in pain.  The only people not harmed in one way or another by the immensely staggering power Erin was unleashing were herself and the 'Sin-Guardian Roman Vann.  Everyone else was writhing in pain. The Dr'owe that had earlier threatened Vann were catching the worst of it, as Erin snarled at them in High Dr'owe.  "Arach'lein, Quavel Tearash!"  "Die, Abomination, in pain!"  Their bodies continued to contort, with the sound of breaking bones and ripping muscle as their yells of agony echoed through the mess hall.  People in the mess hall were dying, because Erin was fast losing control of the power she was unleashing. Erin herself was laughing maniacally, lost in the ecstasy of her and the Spider Queen's power.

      Vann was shocked. He'd not seen Erin like this since she had saved the Ring Complex from total destruction by shielding it from a K'tan Warhead.  But this was worse. Erin was losing control, killing people, and liking it, from all appearances. This wasn't the Erin he knew.  Granted Erin could kill without a second thought, most Dr'owe could. But Erin usually only took life if necessity dictated it, and she rarely took very much pleasure in it.

      Stuck between strange Dr'owe was hard place to be in, leaving him few options to choose. With hardened features the 'Sin-Guardian aim his Torpedo Blaster and fired.

      The shell exploded at the High Priestess' feet shocking her with both impact and light. A face, twisted with rage whirled towards Vann. Telepathy wasn't needed to read her thoughts. Spreading his arms wide Vann stepped towards her, his face showing neither horror or defiance, but fearless trust.

      "Erin, stop! This isn't you. Whatever power is swaying the mind of the Priestess
      I know... fight it!... FIGHT IT!"

      Dangling his blaster by its trigger guard Vann spread his arms wider, knowing full well that the next few moments could be his last.


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