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  • Frank
    Reina Webstrider sat, deep in thought, on the throne in the main gathering chamber in the House Webstrider complex on Arach Tuine. House Webstrider based
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2004
      Reina Webstrider sat, deep in thought, on the throne in the main gathering chamber in the House Webstrider complex on Arach'Tuine.  House Webstrider based itself in a small underground cavern just north of Bain're on Arach'Tuine.  She was, just weeks before, safe on Black Widow Station.  There, the Ninth Matron had enjoyed a certain protection from the dangers of the political intrigue that ran rampant and was a way of life in The Spider Queen Theocracy.  However, Black Widow Station, and indeed, the Selesthian Protectorate itself, were no longer safe places.  Not with a K'tan invasion fleet just outside the border.  And so she, as did Rowen Arachnia, returned home.  No longer was she safe.  Already two attempts on her life had been made.  However, Reina was no fool, and she was a competent, powerful preistess, with ambitions to be the Eighth Matron of the Theocracy, with a seat on The Council of Eight.  Besides, she mused, Erin Webstrider was still in the Protectorate, and with Erin's latest 'gifts', it was better for Reina to be as far away from Erin as possible.  After all, Erin, though not nearly as powerful a Preistess as Reina, could still strike Reina, or anyone else, down with a mere glance.  Reina had yet to discern why the Spider Queen had given Erin such power, but that couldn't be made a priority.
      P'veile Webstrider, neice of Reina Webstrider, brooded.  She was, as usual, angry.  However, she was angrier than usual.  Matron Reina had, just two nights ago, killed P'veile's mother, Sek'deria.  Sek'deria was what very few Dr'owe women were when it came to their children.  She had been a loving, affectionate mother, one who took pride in the acheivements of her children not because of the advancements that would mean for herself, but out of love, an emotion that was extremely rare amongst the Dr'owe.  Sek'deria had been ambitious though, like all Dr'owe, and had attempted to kill her sister, who just happened to be Matron Reina.  P'veile had not returned Sek'deria's affection in full measure, but she still felt enough to desire revenge.  And she was determined to have it.  And so she brought out a little trinket that her mother had crafted decades ago.  A small, pure black onyx spider.  It could, one time, supress clerical magics, thus rendering any spellcaster who recieved power through faith, powerless.  Sek'deria had been unable to make it's powers more permanent, but, P'veile, hoped, it would be enough.  She drew the small jewel from it's wooden box, and placed it in her pocket.  She then left, going to the center of the Webstrider compound.  There, she hid in a small alcove, and waited, just outside the gathering chamber.  Sooner or later, Reina would either come this way, or if she was already here, leave.
      Reina decided it was time for bed.  She thought regretably to herself, how she could no longer enter the reverie, an ability becoming all too rare amongst the dark elves.  The only rest she could find was in sleep.  Bitterly she thought of how sleep made one vulnerable, and went over the defensive spells and magical traps she would place in and around her bedchamber to protect herself while she slept.  She stood, stretched, and walked toward the door, and then left the room.  She, like all dr'owe, had an innate sense of impending danger, which now made the hairs on the back of her neck tingle.  She whispered a small divination spell, one that would reveal whether or not anyone was in close proximity to her.  "Come out.  Face your Matron.  If I have to find you, it will be very unpleasant for you."
      P'veile stepped out of the darkness into the passageway.  "Unpleasant for whom, Matron?"
      Reina studied P'veile intently for a moment.  "Surely you don't intend to try to take the throne for yourself, young one?  Your pathetic mother isn't here to back you up."
      "You are no longer invulnerable, Matron.  Here, you must play by the rules.  You know how the Great Game works.  And you are in Queen's Mate!"  P'veile touched her small jewel just as Reina began casting a spell that would, normally, have finished her off quickly.  Reina ended her casting with a gesture at P'veile.  P'veile smiled when absolutely nothing happened.  Reina reached for the dagger at her side, but was slightly slowed by surprise at the failure of her spell, and the realization that she couldn't cast another.  P'veile took advantage of the hesitation, quickly uncoiling the whip at her side.  The Dr'owe then flicked her wrist, and the deadly scourge wrapped itself around Reina's ankles.  Another quick jerk, and Reina was flat on her back, the wind knocked out of her.  The Matron tried to quickly stand, only to find that whip lashing her legs, leaving bright red lines of blood.
      Reina tried to stall.  "You stand to gain nothing by this.  Erin Webstrider is next in line for the Matroncy of House Webstrider.  She is my daughter, not you!"
      "Erin isn't here.  Besides, she has sworn by The Queen that she will step down in my favor if only I rid her of you!" P'veile snarled, again lashing Reina with her whip.  This time, though, Reina dodged, and charged P'veile with the point of her dagger leading.  P'veile saw the move and sidestepped it, leaving a foot in Reina's path.  Reina fell to the floor yet again, this time on her stomach.  P'veile then lashed repeatedly at Reina's back, causing the Matron to scream in pain.  "You might have beaten in a spell battle, Matron, but I've taken care of that, and you can't outfight me!"
      Reina rolled, trying to avoid that deadly whip, but P'veile was relentless.  Time and again Reina was lashed, the skin literally ripped from her back.  The Matron tried to fight back, and managed to stand at one point, but P'veile was fueled by anger and a desire for revenge.  Eventually, the inevitable occured, and Reina was beaten.  Even after she had drawn her last breath, P'veile continued to lash her corpse until there was little left but a bloody mass.
      Word soon spread through House Webstrider of the rise of the new Matron, and the unfortunate accident that befell the old one.  Apparently, Reina had been trying to tame a scourge spider, a deadly species of arachnid with the ability to spin whiplike webs to use against it's opponents.  Reina had failed, with disastrous results.  Word had reached the House that Erin would not, at this time, take over as Matron, instead abdicating to P'veile, who was next in line, since Erin's duties in the Protectorate would leave little time to effectively rule House Webstrider.  P'veile, now that she had succeeded, wondered just why Erin would have let events occur as they had.  What P'veile didn't know was that Erin planned to claim a non~dr'owe male as a mate, and leave the SQT for good, petitioning for citizenship in the August Empire of Archean.  P'veile also was unaware that Erin planned to destroy House Webstrider entirely just before leaving the SQT, thus ensuring that there would be no reason for the Council of Eight to come after her.  Of course, all this was based on Erin and a certain Archean Assassin~Gaurdian living through the attack of a certain Major Empire.  But P'veile knew none of this, and had no real reason to suspect any of it.
      Frank Vittoe
      "Faith is not belief without proof, but trust without reservation."  Elton Trueblood
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