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[Starshield]SM: Book 2: Winds of War. Chapter 11

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  • octoberstudios
    Book II _______________________ Resolution 419 ___________________ TransComm Channel 001 Online IGNM News Report; Source: OMNET Central, Mnemen IV Life-Ring
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      Book II

                                                                      _______________________ Resolution 419 ___________________

      TransComm Channel 001 Online
      IGNM News Report; Source: OMNET Central,
      Mnemen IV Life-Ring



      [The screen cuts to black then fades up to a composed shot of a Saurian Omnet Vestis. The reporter's eyes look off screen as if
      seeking confirmation on their broadcast status. Nervously his yellow eyes dart back and forth from on screen to off while over
      his shoulder the deep chamber of the Upper House of the Galactic Union can easily be seen. Numerous delegates are visible as
      well, yet none of the occupants are sedentary, as if all are impatiently awaiting an unseen signal. Finally the Vestis faces the live camera and speaks.]

          "This is Omnet reporter Vestis Verr Katrapod reporting live from the Ephorate where we have just
          learned that both the Upper and Lower Houses of the Galactic Union have cast their votes on
          Ambassador Marcello's proposal, GU Resolution 419."

      [Slowly the camera pushes in closer for a tight close-up of the Omnet agent.]

          "Resolution 419 calls for a joint peacekeeping force, made up of member Empires of the Galactic Union,
          to conduct search and rescue operations for K'tan vessels and weapons of mass destruction propertied stolen
          by Razgat pirates. The author of Resolution 419, Ambassador Marcello of the August Empire of Archaen,
          proposed it a counter proposition to K'tan Ambassador Orza T'nat Il Gador unilateral effort to gather the
          Union's approval for unfettered searches be K'tan forces throughout the Tri-Sector area."

      [Behind the reporter a gathering dim of noise rises in volume. There's an unseen energy in the air making it apparent that
      something important is about to happen.]

          "In an unprecedented raction Ambassador Gador has threaten that the K'tan Empire will seceded from the
          Galactic Union if Resolution 419 passes."

      [Suddenly, Vestis Katrapod touches his earpiece.]

          "Hold... all right, I've just been informed that The Speaker of the House, Ambassador Oraln Yuiop of the Lights of Ja'Lel
          has just taken the podium. We will be cutting to our sanction camera positions to better broadcast this live event."

      [Once more the screen cuts to black only to be quickly replaced by a shot of a crystal cut podium of the Upper House bearing the
      officially seal of the Galactic Union. A tall, regal man stands behind the dais, his face is grim, yet confident. Steadily, his gray eyes
      address the throng before him, silencing the assembly with his passing gaze. Satisfied that he has their attention the Speaker begins
      his address.]

          "Fellow sentients of this esteemed Union I come before you as the Speaker of this most noble assembly
          to state the resulting of the votes for Resolution 418, proposed by Orza T'nat Il Gador of the K'tan Empire,
          and Resolution 419, proposed by Crown Prince Alestare Farfel Marcello of the August Empire of Archaen."

      [The Speaker's steely voice booms across the chamber and echoes down.]

          "I call upon the Secretary of the House, Ambassador Vk'k Bjul of The Dawn Alliance to recite the votes."

      [The Camera pans to a Bre-ites female, who's aquatic adapted Human body is protected within a fashionable bio-suit.

          "Thank you Mr. Speaker. The tally of the Lower House are as follows: Four thousand and six votes were cast in favor of
          GU Resolution 418. Five thousand and eight four votes were cast in favor of GU Resolution 419. Let the record show
          that Resolution 419 has been honorably past by the Lower House for final ratification by the Upper House of the Galactic

      [A chorus of voices breaks out in reaction to this news. Applauses fight brawling shuts of protest. Ambassador Yuiop
      strikes a new gavel against his rostrum.]

          "Order! I will have order in this Chamber!]

      [Reluctantly, a forced calm wins over the assembly.]

          "Mr. Secretary, have you the final tallies of the Upper House's votes on Resolution 419?"

          "I do, Mr. Speaker. They are as follows... The Lights of Ja'lel... yea. The Federated Stellar States... yea,
          The Ruqua Dynasties.... nay, The K'tan Empire.... nay, The Pluzhiak Imperium .... abstain, The Fartrade
          Coalition... abstain, The Union of Stars... abstain, The August Empire of Archaen.... Yea, New Asgard...
          yea, and the Selesthian Protectorate of the Spider Queen Theocracy... yea. Let the record show that
          Resolution 419 has been honorable ratified by the Upper House of the Galactic Union into binding law."

      [A new camera angle cuts in time to show the assembly loses its decorum as several delegates rise and stalk out of the room.
      Some are heckled as they leave, while others vehemently stay and argue with their fellow ambassadors. The sound of Yuiop's
      gavel halts all activity. The sound is amplified like thunder."

          "ORDER! ORDER! No delegate may leave until this assemble is adjourned. The Empire's of vacating
          delegates will be issued a fine for absconding their seats during an official congress."

      [A few delegates return to their places, but the majority, nearly a thousand, leave the chamber. The Camera pans and widens
      to reveal both the Secretary and the Speaker of the House. Ambassador Yuiop's face is tight as he watches the departing Ambassadors. Struggling to keep to the official 'rules of order' the Speaker continues.]

          "Thank you Ambassador V'kk Bjul. I hereby turn over this resolution to the Union's security council to..."

      [Suddenly, the Speaker is interrupted as Ambassador Gador approaches the podium.]

          "This assembly is now a farce, Mr. Speaker. As Ambassador to the K'tan Empire
          I submit our official resignation form this... corrupt institution. The K'tan Empire
          no longer recognizes the Galactic Union as a legally binding assembly."

      [Stepping closer to the seated delegates the K'tan Ambassador points to the captive audience.]

          "From this moment on all Empires that continue their diplomatic relations with this
          so called...Union will be an enemy of the K'tan Empire. All those who forswear these
          ties will be welcomed as a friend and ally. The crimes against my people go deeper than
          those committed by Razgat Pirates."

      [Turning the Ambassador spits on the podium's emblem.]

          "There is our fine payment for absconding our seat, Mr. Speaker.
          From this day forward the K'tan walks alone. May the Goddess
          smile on those who follow. May she have mercy on those who
          do not... for none will be shown by her people."

      [In stunned silence the members of the Union watch as the K'tan Ambassador stalks out of the Chamber, followed one by
      one by a paraded of delegates. Within the span of minutes one third of the chamber has left.]


    • octoberstudios
      Book II _______________________ Resolution 419 ___________________ TransComm Channel 001 Online IGNM News Report; Source: OMNET Central, Mnemen IV Life-Ring
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        Book II

                                                                        _______________________ Resolution 419 ___________________

        TransComm Channel 001 Online
        IGNM News Report; Source: OMNET Central,
        Mnemen IV Life-Ring


            Ambassador Ar'Woo'Stari Laeina wears a look a shocked resignation. A Dr'owe female whispers something in her ear. Laiena
        shakes her head. The dr'owe woman whispers something else. Laeina's eyes widen with fear. The Selesthian finally nods agreement and stands up.
            "Esteemed Ambassador Oraln, may I take the floor?"
        The Ja'Lel ambassador nods.
            "I have been informed by my government that the official stance of The Spider Queen Theocracy is as follows.
            The SQT was willing to work within the legal confines of this esteemed body gathered here to aid the K'tan in
            the recovery of their weapons and technology.  However, the secession of The K'tan Empire from this esteemed
            body leads to only one logical conclusion. They mean to expand their territory by conquest, leading the SQT to
            believe that they are lying. Normally, we would like to prove this suspicion, however, it appears that the K'tan
            Empire leaves us no choice.  I am sure you are all aware that a K'tan fleet is sitting on top of the border of The
            Selesthian Proteoctorate of The Spider Queen Theocracy.  That fleet has moved in what the SQT and it's Protectorate
            can only see as a hostile manner. The SQT, it's Protectorate and our allies from The  August Empire of Archean
            and The Listhani Continuum stand ready to defend against K'tan attack. The SQT has decided that the K'tan's
            secession here today is an act of war. Therefore, we can only state that we will defend ourselves. Any and all
            ships belonging to Empires that follow the K'tan Empire's actions here today will be fired upon if they are seen
            by any vessels of the SQT or it's Protectorate.  Any ships of the Empires that are remaining loyal to this, our
            Galactic Union, will be cautiously welcomed by the SQT and it's Protectorate, and any assistance they offer will
            be accepted.  Further, the SQT pledges that it will offer assistance within our power to those Empires who remain
            loyal to the Galactic Union should they fall under the looming shadow of K'tan hostilities. The Spider Queen
            Theocracy will not stand for the K'tan Empire's unlawful actions. The Dr'owe and the Selesthians will not fall
            under the oppression of The K'tan Empire.  We may only be a Minor Empire, but we are prepared to defend
            our Empire, our people and our space with our lives.  To die serving The Spider Queen is to die with honor."
        Laiena looks around, and returns to her seat.


        Written by Frank Vottoe

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