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RE: [Starshield] SM: Construction (Dra'Keshi/SQT)

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  • Franklin Vittoe
    Zora made sure the ele dreth spirits were sent to the cooking staff that would be preparing the dinner. She then walked into Istovir s quarters with the
    Message 1 of 5 , Jan 1, 2002
      Zora made sure the ele'dreth spirits were sent to the cooking staff that
      would be preparing the dinner. She then walked into Istovir's quarters with
      the typical boldness of a Dr'owe woman.

      Istovir, in a lightning quick move, grabbed a loaded hand crossbow and had
      it pointed at his sister's head. He lowered the weapon when he realized who
      it was. "One of these days, my sister, I am going to shoot first and see
      who I've just killed afterwards."

      "Come now, Istovir...our Matron would be most displeased if one of her
      commanders killed one of her Priestesses. At any rate, what have you been

      "Just looking over some of the material the Dra'Keshi Elves have provided on
      the ELF Station. A most impressive affair. Still, I wonder, dear sister,
      what does The Spider Queen have to say about our working with faerie elves?"

      Zora was thoughtful for a moment. "I have not cast any divination spells
      lately. I think I could manage a Commune spell, but in this Q~Zone it would
      be most draining. Besides, Matrons Invidia and Rowen assured us that The
      Spider Queen approved. After all, Hate is an enemy older than the elven
      race itself. And The Spider Queen doesn't want her worshippers pushed to

      Istovir replied, "Too bad we don't have a High Priestess in our delegation.
      An Arach'Nilith would be an excellent asset to the war against the Demon
      Forces, when they come again."

      Zora just smiled, a smile that led Istovir that she had something up her
      sleeve. "Tell me, my brother, what do you think of Tel'Vash?"

      "Ah that one." Istovir said. "He has the look of a fighter. I would love
      to fight with that one or beside him. Perhaps he'll treat me to a sparring

      "You're no Xin'Arachnia, dear brother. Don't be surprised if he defeats
      you. Come, I believe dinner is almost ready. Mir'sa told me it would be
      about this time."

      "And you do look beautiful, Zora. Trying to impress anyone?"

      Zora did indeed look gorgeous. She wore a dress almost exactly the same
      color of her skin, and translucent below the waist. The fabric of the
      dress, a spidersilk derivative, clung tightly to her from the waist up, and
      seemed to create a misty effect from the waist down, every now and then
      showing her bare, smooth charcoal grey legs. Her boots were supple roellthe
      hide leather, reaching just above her ankles, with spiked heels. The only
      peice of jewelry she wore was her Preistess amulet, a silver spider, it's
      chain glinting around her neck.

      A knock sounded at the door. Zora snapped her fingers and the door opened.
      A young Dra'Keshi elf stood there. "I am here to escort you to Tel'Vash's
      table for dinner, at your convenience."

      Zora gestured, and Istovir preceded her as the young faerie elf led them to
      their dining engagement.

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    • Stellar StarElven
      Tel vash dressed in his ceremonial armor, white scale covering his torso and shoulders accentuated the curves of his muscular build. Matching scale leggings
      Message 2 of 5 , Jan 3, 2002
        Tel'vash dressed in his ceremonial armor, white scale covering his torso and
        shoulders accentuated the curves of his muscular build. Matching scale
        leggings disappeared into a pair of mid-calf, white, hard-soled boots. Gold
        chains encircled his waist and neck, as well as draped from both shoulders
        down to the elbows. A silver insignia of rank encirled his head, displaying
        the symbol of a pair of crossed dragon wings upon the center of his
        forehead. Tel's waist-length golden hair was braided and hung down the
        center of his back, a silver clasp bound it at the tip with a pair of
        razor-sharp tips descending from it in the shape of dragon's fangs.

        The dining area contained a large raised stone platform which served as the
        table, ornate wooden chairs were positioned around the table, the room was
        well lit from wall sconces formed directly into the walls all around the
        chamber. The table was set with the finest quality crystal-ware available
        and covered with a wide variety of food and drink. Several varieties of
        sliced, roasted meat were arrayed on crystal platters. A wide assortment of
        fresh fruit, sliced bread, and cheese were also present. Crystal flagons
        filled with several types of fine wine stood beside large pitchers of
        Dra'Keshi ale and the legendary "Dragon's Breath".

        As his guests arrived, Tel'vash stood beside one chair at the head of the
        table and gestured for them to take seats where they wished. The Dra'Keshi
        noble found his gaze drawn to Zora once more and he studied her outfit with
        interest while waiting for the guests to be seated.


        'Commander. We have lost contact with several members of the search teams.
        They have vanished without trace much like the way that Zentri disappeared.'
        Tel listened to the mental report and replied without showing any sign of
        disturbance before his guests.

        'Understood. Contact Onshir and advise our king of the situation, we may
        need some assistance in this matter...'


        'Commander. Onshir has dispatched TDK to assist us...they shall be arriving

        Racing through space from the direction of Heartstone, five silver-scaled
        dragons made for the Valiant system at maximum speed. Arriving at Hive, TDK
        landed near an entry to Sand Haven. Transforming into elven form even as
        they touched ground, the five silver dragons became silver-plated knights
        all walking in step without missing a beat. Three male and two female
        figures marched down the curving passage into the new city, the silver plate
        armor that each of them wore shining brightly within even the slightest of
        light. Team Dragon Knight had arrived...
      • Franklin Vittoe
        Istovir was attired as ceremonially as Tel Vash was. His waist length grey hair was tied back with a black roellthe hide leather thong. He wore a silvery
        Message 3 of 5 , Jan 3, 2002
          Istovir was attired as ceremonially as Tel'Vash was. His waist length grey
          hair was tied back with a black roellthe hide leather thong. He wore a
          silvery grey mail shirt underneath a deep purplish red waist length tunic.
          His tight leather pants were midnight blue, and tucked into black knee high
          riding boots which shone like onyx. The most striking peice of his wardrobe
          was a jet black cloak which seemed to absorb all the light that fell upon
          it. The cloak was shot through with silver threads which formed a beautiful
          orb web pattern on it's back. As was custom for dr'owe warriors, he was
          fully armed. On his right hip was holstered a Necro~Phaser, on his left a
          dagger in an ornamental jeweled sheath. At his left side a sword hung from
          his belt, judging from it's hilt, a beautiful weapon. The pommel was a ruby
          which seemed to shift from bright, shining red to deep burgundy and back
          again at random, going through all variations of the color. The only weapon
          he lacked was a hand crossbow. Istovir saw Tel'Vash and gave the drak the
          traditional warrior to warrior salute, palms upraised to show his hands

          Zora looked intently at Tel'Vash, obviously impressed, and taking no
          measures to conceal her reaction. Something in her eyes seemed out of the
          ordinary as she asked, "Tel'Vash, is something wrong?" Her tone changed
          from one of inquiry to a tone of not quite seductiveness as she asked her
          next question, "Where do we sit? Is my place next to yours?" She saw that
          the ele'dreth spirits had been set out and said, "Istovir, serve me a glass
          of wine please."

          The Dr'owe warrior glanced askance at his sister's display of female
          authority, obviously meant to impress the drak Tel'Vash, but said nothing
          other than, "Certainly dear sister. I myself wouldn't mind a glass of the
          fabled Dra'Keshi Dragon's Breath. Certainly you'll have a drink with me,
          Tel'Vash, one warrior with another?" The two dr'owe had brought only two of
          their top officers with them, a wizardess and a rather odd looking male
          dr'owe. They introduced themselves as Anariel and Mirauth. Anariel wore a
          tight fitting body suit and a blue cape, Mirauth could have been taken for a
          warrior, except that he was very lightly armed and armored. He wore only a
          short sword and a bow with a quiver of arrows. No Necro~Phaser, no
          longsword, no dagger. His armor was simple as well, just hardened leather.
          But for all the lack of weapons and armor, he still had a look about him
          that spoke of great power, yet there was very little sense of magic coming
          from him, clerical or magical. And one could not get any kind of psychic
          impression from him at all, not even surface thoughts or emotions. In fact,
          it looked as if Mirauth might not possess emotion. The four Dr'owe waited
          for Tel'Vash to sit before they did so themselves. It was not lost on
          Tel'Vash that the group did not wait for him to sample the drinks first, as
          is the usual custom for the Dr'owe Elves. He was almost offended, but
          realized that the gesture was probably just the Dr'owe way of showing him
          that they trusted him.

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