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Re: A Scheming Farewell

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  • Andoria Sunok
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      "We are all angels but with one wing....to fly we simply must join hands." 
      >From: "Franklin Vittoe"
      >To: andoriasunok@...
      >Subject: Re: A Scheming Farewell
      >Date: Mon, 01 Oct 2001 23:37:36 -0400
      >As Major Sarek and Captain Rasha Nylm approached the Garden of
      >Peace, the designated meeting place with ArWoo'stari Laiena, their
      >heightened senses confirmed suspicions of being shadowed. Major
      >Sarek glanced at his rune-covered bracelet and all was "green". The
      >amulet around his neck still glowed amber, however, signaling
      >danger. His royal guard closed formation around them and as they
      >turned the corner they saw before them several Xin'Archnia and
      >'Sin-Guardians awaiting them.
      >Rasha leaned a little towards Sarek. "A powerful welcoming
      >Sarek nodded. "Aye, that, although not unexpected given present
      >circumstances. Besides I never stated it was to be a private meeting
      >as for one I thought it unwise, and two, I doubted that the request
      >would have been granted."
      >Rasha nodded and whispered. "Your back is covered, my lord."
      >Several large birds of prey made their way over the heads of the
      >guards with speed and agility, and while the ArWoo'stari's guards
      >did not react physically, they eyed the Andorian Commander with
      >suspicion. The Xin'archnia and 'Sin-Guardian parted and Laiena stood
      >between them. Major Sarek came forward and gave the female
      >Selesthian an appraising mental and physical scan. She looked as
      >beautiful as ever, but in her eyes there was suspicion and fear, and
      >she seemed tired. He took her hand and gently kissed it in greeting.
      >"Your Highness, it is so good to see you again." He waved his hand
      >motioning to all around. "Please forgive the formality of this
      >meeting. I wish we could say our good byes under different
      >circumstances. The Pegasus II is space ready, and simply awaits
      >orders for departure. However, I could not leave without speaking to
      >you concerning the present situation of your empire."
      >Laeina smiled and responded carefully. "The present situation? Is
      >that what this is about? I was curious as to the reason behind this
      >meeting. Come, let us go into the Garden and we will speak there.
      >The security detail seems to think it a fairly safe place."
      >Sarek glanced over his shoulder to Nylm who nodded in a knowing way
      >and remained at a discreet distance from the Commander. The half
      >dozen Sages in natural form were placed stategically above them
      >amongst the trees, weaving a spell of protection over all concerned.
      >As they entered the garden Sarek felt despair and helplessness.
      >Security was everywhere. How was he to gently pry the mind of the
      >ArWoo'stari without attracting suspicion. There was nothing he could
      >do presently to either investigate or intervene. He sighed and
      >wondered briefly what the August Empire of Archean's role was in all
      >this. 'Sin-Guardians were precious allies or formidible enemies.
      >Being that the Andorians and the Archean's had a treaty, he wondered
      >if is was possible to meet with their ambassador to the Selesthians.
      > He wondered where 'Sin Guardian Nickolas Cross was at the moment.
      >The two leaders sat on a stone bench near a small waterfall that
      >filled the indoor arboretum with a false tranquility. Sarek took
      >Laiena's hands in his. She looked into his eyes and just for a
      >moment he had the feeling that the person before him was not in
      >complete control of herself. A chill ran down his spine, but he
      >suppressed his alarm and kept his countenance calm.
      >"I remember when we first came to Selesthian Space almost two years
      >ago. This is where we first met, along with the Council. So much has
      >happened since that time. Please tell me that this is what you want,
      >that this action is what you truly feel will benefit your world. I
      >must hear it from your own lips before I depart your world and
      >return to Oryn Prime."
      >He cocked his head to one side and smiled. "I do have some joyous
      >news, however, in the midst of uncertainty. Lady Andoria and I shall
      >wed within a fortnight of my return."
      >Laiena spoke. "Truly? That is good news indeed, especially in
      >light of what may be about to hit the Tri~Sector. If possible, and
      >invited, I shall attend the wedding, provided matters of state do
      >not have me occupied. Laiena thought for a moment, wanting to
      >phrase her words in such a way to ease the Andorian Ambassador's
      >"Now, Ambassador Sarek, I would never have invited the Spider Queen
      >Theocracy in if I didn't think this best. A group of Selesthian
      >political insurrectionists threatens the very way of life of the
      >Selesthian Empire, well, perhaps I should say the Selesthian
      >Protectorate. At any rate, Selesthian methods were unable to track
      >down these rebels. I considered many avenues, but the Spider Queen
      >Theocracy, with their use of magic and psionics, was the best choice
      >to help us. Even they are having trouble. But they do know who these
      >terrorists are, and are making great strides toward locating and
      >rendering them harmless. I gave them limited governmental control
      >over the Selesthian Empire in order to keep any inside Selesthian
      >government officials from leaking information to the Thorns. This
      >also ensures the safety of Selesthian borders, and of the Selesthian
      >people as a whole. The Preistess~Adminstrator still defers to me,
      >and any decisions made are done so with cooperative efforts."
      >Ambassador Sarek was silent as he listened intently to Lainea's
      >words. It was obvious the Selesthian leader was preoccupied,
      >agitated and tired. She didn't even give the mention of his wedding
      >more than a perfunctory acknowledgement. He looked amongst the
      >trees and saw the birds of prey shake their heads and ruffle their
      >feathers in frustration. They could not penetrate the barrier
      >within her mind. Sarek nodded as in agreement, suppressing his
      >desire to reach out in anger against this invisible force. He also
      >realized that by creating a situation he might just open a conflict
      >between the Andorians and the SQT that he was not ready to face...at
      >least not without assistance.
      >Finally he spoke. "Very well, then. Know this. If you ever need
      >the assistance of the Andorian Empire, please do not hesitate to
      >contact us." He sighed deeply and with a sad smile said "Hearing
      >these words from your own lips I shall now take my leave of you.
      >May the Prophets bless thee and keep thee, always, your Highness."
      >"And may you rest in the Shade of The Holy Tree and grow. I am glad
      >to have been able to ease your mind, Ambassador Sarek. I cannot
      >stand by and let some political insurrectionists throw our way of
      >life into chaos. I hope you can understand that. If we need the
      >assistance of the Andorian Empire, we will call."
      >Sarek then signaled to the Sages who flew to his side and
      >transformed before him. The Xin'Archnia and 'Sin-Guardians were
      >indeed caught off guard and stared in disbelief at the feather-robed
      >creatures before them.
      >Sarek spoke to the Drowe guards. "Please thank Matron Reina for
      >allowing this meeting. She has been most gracious. Also, advise
      >her that the Andorian High Council has voted to leave the space
      >station in place with hopes of establishing an Andorian Embassy. The
      >newly appointed Chief Ambassador would like to meet with her
      >personally to discuss this decision."
      >One of the Xin'Arachnia, their leader to judge by his insignia,
      >replied, "The Preistess~Administrator did not 'allow this meeting',
      >Andorian. The ArWoo'stari chose to have this meeting. Laiena makes
      >her own decisions. As for your new Chief Ambassador, I will inform
      >the Preistess~Administrator of the request to meet, and she will
      >contact you, probably sometime tomorrow."
      >Nylm raised one eyebrow at his last comment for she knew who this
      >ambassador truly was. Sarek was playing his cards with a true
      >poker face.
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