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IC: Selesthian Netcast

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  • Jauregui Lorda
    Message 1 of 14 , Apr 1, 2001
      -----(Selesthian Netcast)-----
      -----(Origin: Sa'rini Station)-----

      <The Selesthian Netcast symbol spins on your screen. It is soon
      replaced by ArSha'stari Osharu's short yet massive form.>

      "Honorable peers of the Greater Galaxy, greetings."

      "By this, the Council of Four announces the adquisition of 10% of the
      declared Omnet bandwidth destined to exclusive use of the Maran
      Community, through their Omnet Citadel and the Maran communication
      As from today, messages from the Great Council will be heard across the
      stars, to half the Galactic Disk. Official Selesthian Netcasts, provided
      by the Selesthian News agency, will be broadcasted; as well as
      up-to-the-cycle information on the Sesth IV Complex traffic, regulations
      and stock market data.

      We also want to offer this communication channel to any Minor Empire
      willing to show their culture, their ways, their life, beyond the
      Tri-Sector. Just contact the Selesthian News department to receive
      detailed information for material submission.

      May the Tree make this new oportunity the first step in making our
      united voices heard, for Peace."

      -----(Netcast End)-----

      OOC:Anatol, consider the money paid. BTW, if instead of the rest of the
      money you want some "wet-tech", just give Osharu a call ;)

    • Franklin Vittoe
      Message 2 of 14 , Aug 3, 2001
        <<<the Selesthian Netcast symbol appears on the screen, with a notable
        difference: in the bottom left corner, there is a small, almost unnoticable,
        black spidershaped mark>>>

        Ar'Woo'Stari Laiena appears on the screen.

        "This is an address to all the governments represented in the Selesthian
        Ring Complex. It has been 10 days since I announced that you all had to
        dismantle your stations and remove them from the territory of The Selesthian
        Protectorate of The Spider Queen Theocracy, along with all political
        personnel. 90 days was the time frame given. If, at the end of that time
        frame, 80 days from now, your stations and political personnel aren't
        removed, your stations will be confiscated as property of The Selesthian
        Protectorate. Your political personnel will be escorted out of Selesthian
        space by Selesthian and Dr'owe security forces, taken to their home systems
        and returned to you unharmed. As I said before, this measure is only
        temporary, and, as recommended by Preistess~Administrator Reina Webstrider,
        as well as by the SQT's Council of Eight, your stations and personnel will
        be allowed to return once we have gotten to the root of the insurrection
        that nearly destroyed our political system, we will allow you to replace
        your stations in The Ring Complex, and return your diplomatic and political
        personnel. On a related topic, Selesthian and Dr'owe security forces have
        linked the forces of the insurrection to the recent terrorist attack on a
        Theocracy facility on Selesth V. The insurrectionists will not remain
        hidden for long, due in large part to the efforts of the Dr'owe, who have
        worked tirelessly assisting us. For that we thank them."

        <<<end transmission>>>

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