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STAR'S END Update: 10.05.03

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  • Chuck van Zyl
    This week s broadcast of STAR S END will feature tracks by artists and albums considered to be at the core of the STAR S END library. Please think of this
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2003
      This week's broadcast of STAR'S END will feature tracks by artists
      and albums considered to be at the core of the STAR'S END library.
      Please think of this program as a kind of "best of" in terms of the
      selected artists and releases significant to STAR'S END and the
      ambient/ spacemusic community on the whole.

      Included on this broadcast will be classic tracks from such STAR'S
      END luminaries as: Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Tim Story, Kit Watkins,
      Jonn Serrie, Ashra, Free System Projekt and Michael Stearns - who was
      recently interviewed live on STAR'S END. Speaking on many aspects of
      his illustrious career, including his live performance in
      Philadelphia on 4 October 2003 at The Gatherings Concert Series,
      Stearns describes how he incorporated George Landry's Lyra Sound
      Constellation, an octagonally based 156 stringed micro-tonal instrument
      which rises to 20 feet, into his 1983 album of the same name. Hear the
      beautiful track "Return" which incorporates the amplified sounds of
      Lyra and floating synthesizer harmonies and textures on this week's

      Access the Michael Stearn's Profile (including audio of the recent
      STAR'S END interview): http://www.starsend.org/michaelstearns.html


      Michael Stearns East-Coast Concert Debut:

      Michael Stearns plays live at The Gatherings Concert Series
      8pm on Saturday 4 October 2003 at
      St. Mary's Hamilton Village, 3916 Locust Walk
      on the Penn campus in west Philadelphia, PA


      STAR'S END broadcasts every Saturday night/Sunday morning from
      1am-6am (EDST) on:

      88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia, PA
      88.1fm WXPH Harrisburg, PA
      90.5fm Worton/Baltimore, MD
      104.9fm Allentown, PA

      and live on the web...


      Chuck van Zyl
      Host of STAR'S END Ambient Radio
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