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STAR'S END Update 12.08.02

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  • Chuck van Zyl
    On the first two albums, MOODFOOD and PSYCHEDELICATESSEN, Moodswings (aka James Hood) helped to raise the mainstream s awareness of electronic music. The
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      On the first two albums, MOODFOOD and
      PSYCHEDELICATESSEN, Moodswings (aka James Hood)
      helped to raise the mainstream's awareness of electronic
      music. The combination of infectious, intelligent dance rhythms,
      synthesized harmonies and heart-felt vocals and samples
      exposed pop's pedestrian audience to the sound and substance
      of our continually emerging genre of electronic - ambient - space
      music. On HORIZONTAL, Moodswings embraces these values
      fully by foregoing conventional song structure and predictable
      commercial references; the focus is now on repetition and
      variation, a benevolent guiding soundesign and the gentle
      dynamics each realization arcs along once set into motion. What
      Moodswings does bring to this album from his more
      "accessible" releases is a wonderful sense of melody, harmony
      and rhythm along with the pacing and timing of a veteran chillout
      composer and the loose symphonic cues of a seasoned
      arranger. Primarily electronic in nature, HORIZONTAL's sonic
      palette is further softened by soulful, reverberant viola solos,
      sliding pedal steel guitar steps, bright hammered dulcimer
      arpeggios, classical renderings on grand piano and the distant
      singing notes of the sarangi.

      Throughout its 12 tracks (across two discs - disc#2 of
      HORIZONTAL presents focused, energetic, even vocalized
      re-mixes and references from the pleasantly drifting source
      material of disc#1), the purpose of this music is to provide a
      comfortable space within which receptive listeners may luxuriate
      in the texture of their own imaginations. This album will satisfy
      those seeking substance in a marketplace where music is
      quantified into product and vision related in terms of marketing
      synergy. As the title implies, "horizontal" is the suggested
      posture (mental or otherwise) for experiencing the vastness of
      the swirling electronics, reverberant melodies and peaceful
      message Moodswings' music advocates.

      Tune in to STAR'S END this weekend for music from
      HORIZONTAL, the latest release by Moodswings

      For more on Moodswings, access: http://www.moodswings.net

      For more on HORIZONTAL, access:


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      Chuck van Zyl
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