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STAR'S END Update 03.04.07

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  • Chuck van Zyl
    Erik Wollo creates evocative electronic scores for the cinema of sleep. The imaginative soundtracks on his CD ELEVATIONS (65 09 ) conjure up vast panoramas and
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      Erik Wollo creates evocative electronic scores for the cinema of
      sleep. The imaginative soundtracks on his CD ELEVATIONS
      (65'09") conjure up vast panoramas and limitless horizons. The
      music is spacious and uncluttered, and has a fresh and natural
      quality to it. Elegant melodies wander through soundscapes of
      gentle beats and take the listener from states of dreamlike
      stillness, to frozen brilliance, to warm enchantment. Strikingly
      similar to his exalted early works Traces and Images of Light,
      ELEVATIONS opens up spaces and serenely fills them with
      music. Wollo's signature use of shining, consonant chord
      structures, tender melodic phrasing, and masterful sound
      design are what give ELEVATIONS its adventurous and vibrant
      character. These 12 deceptively simple compositions are a
      reading of the spirit as Wollo infuses this work with his own
      being. Through his guitar and synthesizers, the summoned
      music arises, and Wollo's vaporous ideas chill into form.

      Tune in to STAR'S END this weekend for music from
      ELEVATIONS by Erik Wollo

      For more on Elevations, access: http://www.spottedpeccary.com

      For more on Erik Wollo, access: http://www.wollo.com


      Erik Wollo returns to Philadelphia as part of The Gatherings
      Concert Series on 27 October 2007. Following this concert, Erik
      will play a set of original Ambient material on the 10.28.07
      broadcast of STAR'S END.

      For more on Erik Wollo live at The Gatherings, please access:


      Rudy Adrian Exclusive Live Concert Recording

      With musical influences ranging from the floating spacemusic of
      the Berlin-School to the breathing thought tones of the American
      soundscape scene, Rudy Adrian's Sequencer Sketches series
      is comprised of layered washes of gently drifting sound
      accented by focused synth patterns and heraldic lead melodies.
      His latest CD Par Avion is the 4th in this series and will be
      released on 13 April 2007.

      The 03.04.07 broadcast of STAR'S END will present 50 minutes
      of unique live music created by Rudy Adrian exclusively for
      STAR'S END. The majority of this music will never be released
      on an album, nor will it ever be aired on radio again after this
      broadcast. The music promises to be be an interesting mix of
      sequencer sketches and atmospheric tracks created especially
      for this radio event by Rudy Adrian in 2006.

      For more on Rudy Adrian, access the STAR'S END Profile:


      TRANCEATLANTIC by AirSculpture

      AirSculpture, the synth trio from the UK, made their east-coast
      concert debut in Philadelphia at The Gatherings Concert Series
      on 17 April 2004. Recordings of this concert, and that of their
      STAR'S END live radio concert later that night, were fashioned
      into the double CD TRANCEATLANTIC and released in Autumn
      of 2005. With this work, AirSculpture explores the fabric of sound,
      its range of subtleties and the dramatic possibilities of music
      organized without a tonal center. The result is a cool
      combination of inspired play, chance occurrence and the
      magnification of minute shadings of sound.

      Tune in to the 03.04.07 broadcast of STAR'S END for music from
      TRANCEATLANTIC, the live CD by AirSculpture

      For more on AirSculpture, acces: http://www.airsculpture.com


      Scott Kelly (aka DJ Kel)

      WKDU alumni and Discogs moderator/contributor DJ Kel (aka
      Scott Kelly) returns to STAR'S END with a new mix. This, his fifth
      DJ set for STAR'S END, has been designed to work especially
      well within the energy of the earlier hours. Music for this segment
      has been compiled from Scott's extensive library of rare 12" vinyl,
      obscure CDs and LPs of Ambient Music, all mixed seamlessly
      together into a continuous hour-long flow. Among the diverse mix
      of artists are: Bandulu, Neotropic, Yagya and Uzect Plaush.


      STAR'S END broadcasts every Saturday night/Sunday morning
      from 1am-6am (EST) on:

      88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia, PA
      88.1fm WXPH Harrisburg, PA
      90.5fm Worton/Baltimore, MD
      104.9fm Allentown, PA

      and live on the web...


      Chuck van Zyl
      Host of STAR'S END Ambient Radio
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