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STAR'S END Update 02.04.07

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  • Chuck van Zyl
    While the composers in the sub-genre of orchestral-based textural music seem unable to suspend time in their works as well as the best artists in electronic
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007
      While the composers in the sub-genre of orchestral-based
      textural music seem unable to suspend time in their works as well as the best artists in electronic sound do, their music does possess a harmonic complexity and emotional immediacy only nascent in more ambient contemporary works. The soundtrack to Alfonso Cuaron's film CHILDREN OF MEN (70'32") has as its
      centerpiece the commissioned "Fragments of a Prayer" by John
      Tavener. This, along with several other Tavener compositions, is
      a powerful musical counterpoint to the motion picture, as well as
      a beautiful and separate entity away from the imagery it was
      designed to accompany. This soundtrack has a distinctive way of
      working its way into scenes. Tavener's moving works of hope
      seem ironic in this bleak futuristic sci-fi film. With themes based
      in nihilism and hopelessness, CHILDREN OF MEN has
      ingeniously been scored with a music based on the certitude of
      faith. Incorporating heavenly choir, reverberant pipe organ,
      atmospheric string ensemble and a solo voice that seems to
      speak for all humanity, this music offers a unique sonic
      consonance and a tenderness reserved for our most intimate
      moments. This CD also includes music by Handel, Mahler (and
      there is also a more rock influenced coinciding companion CD)
      and Krzysztof Penderecki, whose "Threnody for the Victims of
      Hiroshima" was used with amazing effect to score the intensity
      of urban warfare. This meditative work truly augmented the
      broken cityscape, the desperate attack and the doomed future
      portrayed in this action driven battle scene. CHILDREN OF MEN
      contains excellent examples of contemporary classical music
      and is a bold statement on rising above conventional and
      predictable soundtrack music. Will these works come to be an
      elegy for mankind? A coda to our way of life? Or the prelude to a
      new and better era? While most music heard on STAR'S END
      questions our place in the cosmos, this soundtrack asks us to
      look within our hearts and find a place for the universe inside

      Tune in to STAR'S END this weekend for music from CHILDREN
      OF MEN

      For more on CHILDREN OF MEN, access:


      STAR'S END - Kit Watkins

      Kit Watkins is known primarily for his keyboard virtuosity with
      Camel and Happy The Man, groups that helped to define the
      progressive rock genre. Moving beyond the structured terrain of
      of these bands, Watkins has explored a wide range of themes
      and styles, from abstract drones to interpretations of classical
      standards. Drawing on so many influences, Watkins has been
      difficult to label. With each project, he expands into new genres
      and adds diversity and character to his biography.

      After a few years off from releasing music and 20 years away
      from the live medium, Kit Watkins was lured from his quiet home
      in Virginia to perform at The Gatherings Concert Series in
      Philadelphia. Following the 10 March 2001 concert, Watkins
      performed a live in-studio radio concert on the 03.11.01
      broadcast of STAR'S END. Bringing just a minimal setup to the
      radio station, Watkins played an hour-long ambient
      improvisation. The piece was entitled MUSIC FOR THE END (of
      stars) and combined environmental field recordings, synth pads
      and an electronic wind controller all into a gentle drifting wash. In
      mid-2001, a CD of Kit's 11 March 2001 concert for STAR'S END
      was released. The CD is named MUSIC FOR THE END (of
      stars) and contains the entire performance.

      Tune into STAR'S END this weekend for works from MUSIC FOR
      THE END by Kit Watkins, the live album recorded on the
      03.11.01 broadcast.

      For more on Kit Watkins, access: http://www.kitwatkins.com


      STAR'S END broadcasts every Saturday night/Sunday morning
      from 1am-6am (EST) on:

      88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia, PA
      88.1fm WXPH Harrisburg, PA
      90.5fm Worton/Baltimore, MD
      104.9fm Allentown, PA

      and live on the web...


      Chuck van Zyl
      Host of STAR'S END Ambient Radio
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