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STAR'S END Update 11.05.06

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  • Chuck van Zyl
    Redshift has developed the sensible habit of releasing new CDs at their concerts of every two years or so. The CD TOLL (64 23 ) was recorded live at the E-live
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2006
      Redshift has developed the sensible habit of releasing new CDs
      at their concerts of every two years or so. The CD TOLL (64'23")
      was recorded live at the E-live festival in October 2004 while
      RW2 (68'56") is a compilation of various previously unreleased
      live recordings and practice sessions. Made up of Mark Shreeve,
      his brother Julian and Mark Goddard, Redshift is the dominating
      powerhouse which drives the UK spacemusic scene. With
      performances at a master level, Redshift concerts are capable of
      energizing fans, inspiring musicians and bring the aspirations of
      this genre to new heights at each outing. Shreeve is truly a
      virtuoso when it comes to sequencer operation and
      manipulation. What with the complex interaction of intertwining
      rows of notes, superb introduction of new parts over established
      patterns and dramatic variations in tone color and amplitude,
      what he comes up with should be studied by music scholars for
      generations to come. By Shreeve's hand his modular Moog
      warhorse cranks out steady runs of bass heavy notes with
      machine-like precision. But this power, presence and energy
      reaches elegant heights when running under melodies made
      with the soft timbres of Mellotron flute and full-throated
      synthesizer leads. Within these moments the focus of the piece
      shifts from that of a wildly spinning engine to a more harnessed
      propulsion. As strident as these zones are, they are no match for
      the primordial synth soup that engulfs and disables their forward
      motion. These quiet safe zones are filled with sparkling
      electronic glitter, heroic string pads and swirling cosmic wind,
      and provide somewhat of a negative space in which to wind
      down from one energy level, regroup and move on to the next. In
      their work Redshift strives to conjure up music that can be
      inhabited by the listener, and brings something of the edge of
      the universe to our home here on earth.

      Tune in to STAR'S END this weekend for new music from TOLL
      and RW2, the latest CDs by Redshift

      For more on Redshift, access: http://www.redshift.biz


      STAR'S END Radio Concert Archives - Robert Rich 10.13.96

      In the early 1980's Robert Rich performed all-night concerts for
      sleeping audiences. People were encouraged to bring sleeping
      bags and pillows, and fall asleep. The music was more like a
      pure atmosphere than music. The purpose of the sleep concerts
      was to transform an environment and create a break from
      everyday experience. By carefully controlling the acoustics of the
      performance space, some very unusual perceptual effects could
      be acheived.

      The 10.13.96 broadcast of STAR'S END featured a live sleep
      concert by Robert Rich. This was his first-ever concert in
      Philadelphia. Tune in to this week's broadcast of STAR'S END to
      hear an excerpt from the concert recording.

      For more on Robert Rich access: http://www.robertrich.com


      Coming up on the 11.19.06 broadcast - a Live STAR'S END
      Radio Concert with AirSculpture


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      Chuck van Zyl
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