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STAR'S END Update 08.06.06

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  • Chuck van Zyl
    Surface 10 is an amplification of the personality of Dean De Benedictis and SURFACE TENSIONS (65 58 ) is the bracing antidote for the prefabricated electronica
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2006
      Surface 10 is an amplification of the personality of Dean De
      Benedictis and SURFACE TENSIONS (65'58") is the bracing
      antidote for the prefabricated electronica of his era. The album
      presents 11 detailed works seemingly whipped out of reality's
      raw ingredients. His music exists in an eternal present, always
      fresh, and not locked into the era of its creation. Liberated
      enough to be proudly accessible, the up-beat, high-energy tracks
      possess a lyric quality and communicative ability. De Benedictis
      plays melodic lines, not just isolated notes, from the orientation
      of an outsider - a welcome element in an often-antiseptic field.
      His slick drum arrangements, urgent pacing and calming leads
      put forth a level of craft yet yields music not glossy enough to
      sound manufactured. Alongside this unremitting rhythmic
      intricacy are pieces just as restless and in flux, but minus the
      heavy pulse-quickening grooves. As oddity follows aberration,
      SURFACE TENSIONS provides various surreal ambient realms
      every bit as detailed as the more approachable tracks, but with
      an emphasis on timbre and the combining of a limitless palette
      of sounds, textures, distortion and glitches. Music and the brain
      have co-evolved. The music of Surface 10 occupies an intriguing
      point along this continuum.

      Tune in to STAR'S END this weekend for music from the new CD
      by Surface 10 called SURFACE TENSIONS

      For more on SURFACE TENSIONS, please access:

      For more on Surface 10, please access:


      Jason Sloan - Live on STAR'S END 08.06.06

      Jason Sloan is a visual performance/sound/installation artist
      working out of Baltimore. His aural work is created with
      computers, guitar and environmental sounds extracted from his
      surroundings and aligns with the spiritual. Sloan's chosen mode
      of musical expression, one with very nearly no traditional vantage
      points or landmarks from where to obtain one's bearings, leaves
      the listener to the workings of their own imagination to energize
      (to give meaning to) the work. The 08.17.03 broadcast, STAR'S
      END featured a live in-studio radio concert with Jason Sloan.
      Sloan returns to STAR'S END on the broadcast of 6 August 2006.
      His latest album is HYMNS FOR THE AFTERLIFE.

      For more on Jason Sloan, including photos from his 2003
      STAR'S END radio concert and links to interviews and reveiws,
      access: http://www.starsend.org/jasonsloan.html


      STAR'S END broadcasts every Saturday night/Sunday morning
      from 1am-6am (EDST) on:

      88.5fm WXPN Philadelphia, PA
      88.1fm WXPH Harrisburg, PA
      90.5fm Worton/Baltimore, MD
      104.9fm Allentown, PA

      and live on the web...


      Chuck van Zyl
      Host of STAR'S END Ambient Radio
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