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STAR'S END Update 05.28.17

Robert Rich is about more than just exhibiting himself on the stage. His many concert appearances are understood as substantial, yet ephemeral experiences in
Chuck van Zyl
May 25

STAR'S END Update 05.21.17

Robert Rich & Markus Reuter are well-known for their many musical journeys - from the back of beyond to the brink of the mainstream. On LIFT A FEATHER TO THE
Chuck van Zyl
May 18

STAR'S END Update 05.14.17

Space needs explorers, and with their album FIVE SUNS, Free System Projekt is back leading the way! The duo of Marcel Engels and Ruud Heij return from a years
Chuck van Zyl
May 11

STAR'S END Update 05.07.17

INDESTERREN (77'20") may be an unconscious evolution into space. Tom Eaton's album of eight tracks is for both the questing and resting mind - somehow
Chuck van Zyl
May 4

STAR'S END Update 04.30.17

A marvelous Earth current flows through SOURCE OF COMPASSION (66'47"). A productive collaboration between Howard Givens and Cheryl Gallagher (known here as
Chuck van Zyl
Apr 27

STAR'S END Update 04.23.17

With a deliberate simplicity Robert Davies produces music that welcomes the listener's thinking. His album AFTERLIGHT (62'20") is a work that transports us
Chuck van Zyl
Apr 21

STAR'S END Update 04.16.17

The main feature of SUNERGY (53'57"), the collaboration between Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Suzanne Ciani, is its proximity to electricity. After just a few minor
Chuck van Zyl
Apr 13

STAR'S END Update 04.09.17

For decades, David Parsons has been a traveler of admirable character. A silent, restless witness to humanity, his movements are directed by curiosity, which,
Chuck van Zyl
Apr 7

STAR'S END Update 04.02.17

There have been a great number of instrumental albums featuring piano and guitar, but none feel as heartfelt and well-executed as WHERE THERE IS LIGHT
Chuck van Zyl
Mar 31

STAR'S END Update 03.26.17

Rudy Adrian makes Spacemusic for the Earth. With COASTLINES (57'55) he evokes the heart-felt and gentle atmosphere of terrestrial textural fantasy. This album
Chuck van Zyl
Mar 24

STAR'S END Update 03.19.17

Magnetron seems to be on a long voyage in a dark country. The duo of Steven Humphries and Xan Alexander bring out the strengths of one another's distinctive
Chuck van Zyl
Mar 17

STAR'S END Update 03.12.17

A soundtrack from out of the middle distance, SOULS ADRIFT, IN DISREPAIR (73'52") uses stillness to superb effect. Eyes Cast Down (multi-instrumentalist Greg
Chuck van Zyl
Mar 9

STAR'S END Update 03.05.17

Just as an engine powers an automobile, and rhythm animates music - technology produces the future. In the coming tomorrows our digital stars will share space
Chuck van Zyl
Mar 2

STAR'S END Update 02.26.17

Dean De Benedictis has a bed, but does not sleep. He is a man made out of electricity, with creativity siting in his chest like a burning sphere. Forever
Chuck van Zyl
Feb 23

STAR'S END Update 02.19.17

It was around 30 years ago that Carl Weingarten first traveled from St Louis to Philadelphia for a solo guitar concert. For an hour or so he engaged the
Chuck van Zyl
Feb 16
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