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STAR'S END Update 08.10.14

While music is often referred to as "the quickening art", one does not need their entire body to respond to the work of Erik Wollo, just their mind. His work
Chuck van Zyl
Aug 8, 2014

STAR'S END Update 08.03.14

Simon Lomax composes beautiful music that when aired, if it does its job correctly, almost no one will ever hear. His Ambient album A GLIMMER OF MEMORY
Chuck van Zyl
Aug 1, 2014

STAR'S END Update 07.27.14

INSIDE VOICES (73'02") by Oliver Lieb may not induce strange dreams but it will provide a great soundtrack for them. More than mere pure sensory intake this
Chuck van Zyl
Jul 24, 2014

STAR'S END Update 07.20.14

Saul Stokes and his music just keep getting better. With each new album Stokes becomes more confident, more himself, yet retains an incomparable penchant for
Chuck van Zyl
Jul 18, 2014

STAR'S END Update 07.13.14

The UK duo of Ian Boddy and Mark Shreeve perform together as Arc and sing the mental electric with an inventive sonic flair. Although UMBRA (78'22") was
Chuck van Zyl
Jul 10, 2014

STAR'S END Update 07.06.14

Listening to a CD by The Divine Matrix may entitle one to a credit or two from an institution of higher learning. HYDROSPHERE (71'31") and his previous release
Chuck van Zyl
Jul 3, 2014

STAR'S END Update 06.29.14

After exploring the outer reaches of the aural universe it is quite good to spend some time within the more Earthen space provided by the works of Sinepearl.
Chuck van Zyl
Jun 26, 2014

STAR'S END Update 06.22.14

Trends live and succeed in the time they were born into, but fade as the forces that back them die off. In the decade of 1970 it was synthesizer apparatus (the
Chuck van Zyl
Jun 19, 2014

STAR'S END Update 06.15.14

What a great time it is to be a Spacemusician. Warping beyond the denouncements of "Phaedra" "originalists" outfits like Redshift, Free System Project, Node
Chuck van Zyl
Jun 12, 2014

STAR'S END Update 06.08.14

In a world of daytrippers Craig Padilla's SONAR is an odyssey length voyage. On this overtly retro work he appears to have returned to first principles -
Chuck van Zyl
Jun 6, 2014

STAR'S END Update 06.01.14

It's fundraising time again at Public Radio Station WXPN. This Spring 2014 listeners are being asked to please phone in and pledge their financial support to
Chuck van Zyl
May 30, 2014

STAR'S END Update 05.25.14

Ruud Heij & Gert Emmens seek a simplicity of expression. On their collaboration SIGNS (73'25") they have temporarily abandoned their most excellent sequencer
Chuck van Zyl
May 22, 2014

STAR'S END Update 05.18.14

What is the present but an outgrowth of the past? The early work of Tangerine Dream is often cited as exploring a new territory, but it did leave a path. Over
May 15, 2014

STAR'S END Update 05.11.14

Anyone who has followed the long career of Robert Rich has undoubtedly read various versions of his artist bio, which almost always starts out with a
May 8, 2014

STAR'S END Update 05.04.14

Massimo Terranova understands that the music of the night cannot be explained during the day. His work under the name Nova, framer of the wonderful Ultimae
May 1, 2014
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