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"The List" 5th Apr

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  • Mr Stars
    Greetings all My thanks tonight go to Mike Patriarca for sending his game ad to me. The second one was found on the newsgroup and is for a Blitz game in the
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      Greetings all

      My thanks tonight go to Mike Patriarca for sending his game ad to me. The
      second one was found on the newsgroup and is for a "Blitz" game in the IRC
      chat room.

      Read on.


      Mike Patriarca

      Stone Knives and Bear Skins
      REGISTERED Version - 2.7
      J Patch will be used.
      See below to see how often the turns will go out.
      Turns sent via WWW.
      8 player game.
      Intermediate player level.
      Medium Universe.
      Sparse Density.
      Distant Player positions.
      Slower tech advances.
      Accelerated bbs play.
      No random events.

      Other options and rules.

      Turn Generation:
      Turns 1-15 every 24 hours
      Turns 16-35 every 48 hours
      Turns 36 and beyond every 72 hours

      Play Restrictions:
      No organized tech trading between races is allowed.
      No transfer of ships between races is allowed.

      Race Restrictions:
      No CAs allowed
      All races must set weapons research to costs +75%
      All races must take Bleeding Edge Technology and Generalized Research
      LRTs. A third part will check races prior to the start

      Victory Conditions:
      The map is divided into 4 quadrants. The first player to control 2
      quadrants is the winner. If a player controls 65% or more of the planets in
      a quadrant he controls the quadrant. (control of a planet is defined as
      having population on the planet or a starbase in orbit. Alternatively if a
      planet has no pop or starbase a player can control by being the only race to
      have a warship(s) in orbit. A victory condition check is made once every 10
      years (i.e., in years 10, 20, 30, etc.). No alliance victory is allowed
      however, two players could theoretically satisfy the victory conditions at
      the same time resulting in two winners. If a player believes that he has
      satisified the victory conditions in the year of the VC check he must
      announce it to the other players and provide his turn file for verification.

      Stars Features:
      Chaff is allowed
      All other know features are not allowed including:
      Split Fleet Dodge
      UR/CE Scrapping
      Battle Board Overload
      0.2% Minimum Damage Abuse
      North/South Minefield Immunity
      East/West Speed Bump Minefield Immunity
      SS Pop Steal
      [freepop] Hack

      If you are interested email me at ozone01@...

      I'm hoping to have a blitz this Friday in #Stars! Starting around about
      7 > 8pm GMT. If as hoped we get some new players the universe will be a
      'Tiny, Normal, Distant, BBS start, Public player scores' one world
      wonderthon. All skills and levels of experience are invited.

      I hope to see you there

      For those who are unsure how to get into the #Stars! IRC channel please


      Leon Coles

      Note from editor (Mr Stars) - Best to copy and paste the whole address into
      your browser.



      (Mr Stars)

      Check out my web pages and sign my Guestbook at
      My ICQ number is 5528696
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