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581Re: Saw this on the dc website, . . .

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  • xmscity1225
    Jul 16, 2011
      Well, I wouldn't say all the current books are "cancelled", but any that are continuing (yes, even Action Comics and Detective Comics) are starting over with a new "Issue No. 1" in September. Many (but not all) may have new writers and/or artists, and several characters (but not necessarily all) are having some changes (may vary as to how much) to their back stories.

      --- In starman@yahoogroups.com, c_midnite <c_midnite@...> wrote:

      Something that wasn't clear in the official news was whether or not all current books are canceled, but I am guessing so.  Looks like I will finally be saying goodbye to DC.  Been a fan since the super friends.  Will stick with the smaller press I guess - IDW, AC,  moonstone, dynamite (zorro,phantom, lone ranger, greem hornet, reprints).
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