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578Re: [Starman] Re: Saw this on the dc website, . . .

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  • mavrck31@yahoo.com
    Jul 13 8:52 PM
      Go to www.dccomics.com. You'll get everything that has been said so far about the reboot. Biggest news is that Wildstorm will be fully merged with DC in the reboot. Wildcats, Grifter, Stormwatch, the Authority...
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      Well, The Shade has been one of a bunch of characters supposedly being under Eclipso's control in an awful story arc by James Robinson in the current Justice League of America book (don't recommend it, though).
      And I think he showed up in the Cry for Justice limited series (that a lot of people seemed to have panned, or worse) that I just noticed in tpb at Barnes & Noble the other day.

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      I'm afraid I am blissfully unaware of this latest reboot.� Any suggestions on a quick catch up read? I'll check out the Shade book regardless.

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