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572Re: Funny Pic Part 1

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  • xmscity1225
    Jun 12, 2011
      That should probably read:
      "We have an active Starman on the Justice League . . . for at least a few more months."

      All bets are off as to what will happen with any of the Starmen (and Starboy/Man) when there is the MAJOR DC relaunch with Justice League No. 1 (plus 51 other books starting with No. 1, including Detective and Action!) come end of August / September.

      --- In starman@yahoogroups.com, mavrck31@... wrote:

      Yep. This is another of those groups that just died for lack of posts.

      We have an active Starman on the Justice League and activity with Star boy (starman?) in the Legion and no activity.

      What do you all say? I would have preferred Jack in JLA, but it appears Robinson is serious that Jack is retired and just a husband and father now. Mikaal is interesting enough, and I really like his friendship with Bill (Congorilla).
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