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626message to logan byrne.

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  • goodolboy_24122
    Aug 27, 2007
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      if you have all that stuff.could you please post some of it.im sure
      others would like it too.this group needs more stuff,while theres alot
      here it needs more.im constantly looking for more stuff than i have.i
      have collected alot over the years.i always looking on the net for
      stuff if i find something good ipost it in the links section for
      others to see.i too have my own collection of stuff. i too plan on
      posting what i have to the group.mainly what i like is
      blueprints,art,scehmatics.anything on starfleet ships and star trek in
      general.if you do post some stuff it would be appeicreted.if your
      looking for anything check out the links section.thanks abunch.