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  • lestard
    May 10, 2007
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      --- In starfleetblueprintarchive@yahoogroups.com, "finnlecarb"
      <finnlecarb@...> wrote:
      > where can i find some good starship sim

      i know you can find startrek sim all over the question remain what
      mean do you wish to play pbem or pbf..ssms im apart of a large fleet
      of player it know as bravo fleet it been going over eight years now.
      it can be found at www.bravofleet.com

      i am on two ships in the fleet wide Taskforce systems and one starbase.
      one of the ships is my new command the USS Atlantis NCC 79050 she a
      akira class vessel the addie is located at http://ussatlantsncc79050.net/

      our current time line is 2383 currently under refit awaiting new crew
      for launch. and than well beginn our mission we are a pbf (play by
      forum) cost is non cause it free.

      bravoFleet run many different time setting from nx ships to in the
      future most captain are will to work with their crew to make the sim
      experiences the best possible. i know that what i try to do...

      any how there you go.. hope to hear from you. if not i how my
      suggestion had help...
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