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615Constitution deck plans

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  • Alan Anderton
    May 10, 2007
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      I have a friend, Ron Caudillo, who has made an amazingly detailed card
      model of the bridge of the NCC-1701 Enterprise using the McMaster
      plans. He'd like to do other parts of Kirk's Enterprise - the
      transporter room, sick bay etc - but needs detailed plans. Are there
      any plans available of other parts of the Constitution class? I've
      been told they were onmly ever published in the Star Fleet Technical
      Manual of 1975.

      Ron's Enterprise Bridge can be accessed from the Lower Hudson Valley
      Peper Model Gift shop as a free download from here ...
      ... any future models he makes would also be free downloads of course.

      His other project is a similar model of the Jupiter 2 but there he has
      a Catch 22 - the interior bridge set was far bigger than the exterior
      set - Maybe it is related to the Tardis ;)

      My thanks for any help.


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