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655Re: [starblazeradventures] Help new setting

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  • Douglas Nicol
    Jul 13, 2010
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      The 30's idea sounds good.

      Likely sources of inspiration include the following...

      The Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers
      TSR's old Buck Rogers XXVc setting
      The 80's Flash Gordon film
      Dan Dare
      The Trigan Empire comic strip
      Sky Captain
      Also Dune at least in terms of the general look

      Technology should look retro, maybe an art deco touch, lots of metallic
      ideas. Decadent outfits (Issue 16 or 17-The Secret of Soma shows Earth
      officials in retro dress). I'd personally say ditch a lot of the really
      high tech stuff and go back to basics.


      Andrew wrote:
      > Hi Chris,
      > Sorry if the last message was garbled. And sorry for the long absence.
      > Your last message, though I cannot help, was a spur to start talking.
      > Here's the thing, we want to develop a retro-future game setting.
      > Using SB terminology it is set in the Cosmopolitan era. Our
      > inspiration is the 1930's Flash Gordon stories.
      > Now I don't have a specific question here. I just want to throw out to
      > our small community the thought and hope to elicit ideas on developing
      > this setting.
      > Andrew
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