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647Re: Help with Organisation, please

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    Feb 17, 2010
      Hi Andrew,

      I reckon you've actually got a good few aspects in the writeup you provided. How about:

      - Communications mega corporation
      - Dominant in news and entertainment
      - Active postal service
      - Headed by Great Tom
      - Contemptuous of National Governments
      - Uninvolved in the disputes of other hyper-intelligences
      - No interest in Navigators' Guild intrigues

      If it was me I'd probably stat up Great Tom as a character (Mindjammer includes some cool rules for AI-types), but it's up to you how much of Great Tom's personality informs the nature of the news corp.

      Also - what size is it? Scale and scope? I'd imagine it'd have good Communications, but also things like Diplomacy, Influence, Sway, and maybe also a Holding somewhere. But for that you need to know it's scale so you know how many skill points you're playing with.


      Sarah :-)

      --- In starblazeradventures@yahoogroups.com, "Andrew" <bozzie99@...> wrote:
      > Morning, all.
      > I was hoping to get some help with developing an organisation that has appeared in our games.
      > The setting is a mature galactic civilisation based, broadly, on a Dune level of technology and society - with some significant differences.
      > The organisation is Sky Net News, a communications mega corporation that has a dominant position both in traditional news and entertainment distribution, but also active in such things as the equivalent of the postal service.
      > The head of this organisation is an 'artificial intelligence' colloquially known as Great Tom. Great Tom is known to be contemptuous of all national governments. 'He' is also known to be uninvolved in the political disputes of the other great hyper-intelligences. Moreover, he takes no interest in the machinations of the Navigator's Guild (a sub-species that control interplanetary travel, much like the group in Dune). Ultimately, he seems driven get information out, whatever the cost.
      > What I have so far is an Aspect (from Serenity): You can't stop the signal.
      > Can anyone suggest some Skills, Stunts and other Aspects for this organisation?
      > Any help gratefully accepted.
      > Andrew
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