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640Re: Miniatures rules

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  • Andrew
    Jan 28, 2010
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      thanks for your reply. I look forward to seeing the official material. I take it I have way missed the boat for play test :)

      In any case, my focus in development here is very much the tabletop wargame, though your comment [Your unit is your
      "character", and you can group and disassemble them as required] is pretty much the paradigm I am using. For this level of abstraction, however, I am not imagining a 'character' as an active participant in the battle, except in some higher, invisible, commander role. I am not working at the skirmish 'hero' level.

      I do want to keep the free-flowing StarBlazer narrative structure: bringing narrative form to the wargame table. But this is definitely a third-person wargame.

      Would it be OK if I put up some material I have been working on? Or is this forum dedicated to the character driven RPG model? I don't want to be spamming a very specific group with material of no interest.

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