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638Re: Miniatures rules

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  • Andrew
    Jan 27, 2010
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      I'll check out Mindjammer when I can.

      My design model so far is to scale at the squad level: a couple of AFVs, 5 or so specialist models such as armoured troopers, and 3 or 4 groups of 3 or 4 stands of infantry (platoon strength). Not that miniature scale is important, but I am working in 10mm/1:144/N Guage - 15mm would work fine. So this is not a skirmish game, but neither is it 'big battle'.

      One of the key ideas I want to build is the idea of zones on the battlefield - so no tape measuring, being able to label terrain zones with Aspects, and using Fate tokens as the essential economy of the game. You have a store of Fate tokens. You lose them as you lose game pieces. You can invoke Aspects and specific equipment Stunts. You can tag terrain Aspects and give your opponent the fate token if he accepts your terrain proposal. Once you lose all Fate tokens, you have lost the battle.

      Does Mindjammer do this?

      --- In starblazeradventures@yahoogroups.com, chris@... wrote:
      > Hi andrew legends of anglerre has a whole chapter on this which may suit your needs and sarah newton is introducing the sci-fi version in mindjammer adventures out in the summer.
      > Saying that we'd all love to see ideas and can comment on what you come up with to keep you going in the meantime!
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