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TrekQuiz #10.8...Answers

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    TrekQuiz #10.8...Answers **** Reply or Send your answers to exastrisscientia2161@yahoo.com ****** [ I like the show Category] 1.[DS9]Who was growing Bajoran
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 2, 2011
      TrekQuiz #10.8...Answers

      **** Reply or Send your answers to exastrisscientia2161@... ******

      ["I like the show" Category]
      1.[DS9]Who was growing Bajoran katterpods in DS9 for his/her science project?
      [A]Jake Sisko

      2.[VOY]What is Mr. Suder’s homeworld? 

      ["Proud to be a Trekker...I even miss Voyager " Category]
      3.[MOV]What did Regent Cuzar want to do with Capt. Picard at the reception?

      4.[ENT]From where to where on Earth, was the swath cut by the Xindi superweapon?
      [A]From Florida to Venezuela.

      5.[TOS]From how far was the transporter beam that brought Gary Seven to the Enterprise originated?
      [A]At least 1000 light years

      ["I really, really need a life" Category]
      6.[TNG]Who “loves” transporters as much as comical transporters chiefs?

      [A]Dr. Pulaski

      This week's results:Brandie Thomas                  2.5

      Brent Russell                       4

      Calie                                   3

      Chris                                   5

      Kelly Powell                        5

      lrous                                   5

      n1684t                                6

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