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Re: [ST1-LCN] Re: WW3

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  • The Sweetest
    ... [ATA]Yeah, along those lines.
    Message 1 of 59 , Apr 1, 2010
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      > The Cuban missle crisis seemed adequate for us to avoid all-out nuclear war, so far. But in Star Trek, they also had the Orbital Nuclear device that almost went off but was detonated by Gary Seven. That must have also scared the powers that be into some amount of sanity. The lesson learned and that new mind set which resulted might have prevented WW3 from going into an all-out anihilation in the star trek world.

      [ATA]Yeah, along those lines.
    • The Sweetest
      ... [ATA]Sure, but I think it was more to use something from that we don t know about because of it s from the future than something we could recognize an
      Message 59 of 59 , Apr 19, 2010
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        > Well, he did chose that costume and scenario for his accuse. Plus, it was the VERY first episode of the new Star Trek series. So there certainly was a strong hint implied.

        [ATA]Sure, but I think it was more to use something from that we don't know
        about because of it's from the future than something we could
        recognize an asses for accuracy.

        > Hmm... this doesn't make sense at all.
        > Why call it a world war, if it was regional and all the dominating powers weren't involved?

        [ATA]Well, because he never called it a world war he specificly said
        "so-called world war" as I said in the same we today after WW2 still
        refererring to WW1 asd the war to end all wars. Probably taken the
        opportunity to mock huimans somehow.

        >And why not call a 'real' worldwide war just that?

        [ATA]because it wasn't one.

        > Sure, they might have come up with a new nomenclature, but then nothing is retraceable anymore.

        [ATA[]But they haven't because so far everything falls into place,
        perhaps not as neatly as anyone would want.

        > [ATA]That would be ENT not TOS and yes, doesn't quite work that well.
        > That's what I meant. Of course they couldn't change already existing canon in TOS itself. But they also failed to 'smooth' things with TNG. Maybe they thought, fans wouldn't care. Yeah, how realistic! :D
        > Chris

        [ATA]Perhaps. Certainly they were kind of wimpy addressing this
        particualr topic.
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