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Re: Questions on Voyager

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  • Dierna D. Fox-Soul
    Yep...Patrick Stewart s RL son portrayed the character s son on that ep..BTW...Patrick Stewart s kids are a son and a daughter..*L*....He and his ex-wife
    Message 1 of 58 , Aug 3, 1999
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      Yep...Patrick Stewart's RL son portrayed the character's son on that ep..BTW...Patrick
      Stewart's kids are a son and a daughter..*L*....He and his ex-wife divorced in
      1990....Er I know too much about that man's personal life! *L*

      Dierna D. Fox-Soul*Patrick Stewart: for a high school drop-out he's a great actor!*
      > [ATA]Wasn't one of them his "son"in "The Inner Light"?

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    • Gisele La Roche
      On Tue, 3 Aug 1999 09:30:17 -0700 (PDT) ... Definitely. ... Or dropped. ... Wow, now that is cool. ... Yep, I miss him. ... Indeed! ... Not likely since they
      Message 58 of 58 , Aug 4, 1999
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        On Tue, 3 Aug 1999 09:30:17 -0700 (PDT)
        Patti Burton <the_birdies@...> wrote:

        > From: Patti Burton <the_birdies@...>
        > Hello all,
        > >
        > > > 1. Who needs a new hairdo?
        > I think 7 needs an update.

        > 2. Who needs a love interest?
        > I think the Paris/Torres relationship should be
        > expanded.

        Or dropped.
        > > > 3. Of the other series (DS9, TNG, TOS), which
        > character would you
        > like
        > > > to see guest star on Voyager?
        > I would love to see Chakotey receive a spiritual
        > message from the prophet Sisko.

        Wow, now that is cool.
        > > > 4. Of the other series (same as above), which
        > character would you
        > like
        > > > to see as a recurring character if it were
        > possible?
        > Q.

        Yep, I miss him.
        > 5. What non-Trek actor or actress would you like to
        > see on Voyager
        > as a
        > > > guest star or recurring character and state which
        > you would prefer
        > them
        > > > to be?
        > I agree, Jim Carey would make a great alien.
        > 6. Who needs the most character development?
        > They all do!!

        > 7. Which alien species from the other series would
        > you like to see
        > on
        > > > Voyager?
        > I would love to see the nasty Founders again...maybe a
        > Jem Hadar/Kazon alliance.

        Not likely since they are in the Gamma Q but would be interesting to
        see. They should be coming near the Romulan Empire soon though I think.
        > 8. Should Voyager get home this 6th season, in the
        > 7th or at the
        > very
        > > > end (ie. series finale)?
        > I would like to see them accept that they are in the
        > DQ forever, and start enjoying the adventure.

        Wow, you are the only one to say this. I don't know but I would be
        surprised if they didn't make it home.
        > 9. Should Voyager continue for another season after
        > the 6th or
        > should
        > > > TPTB start a new series instead?
        > As difficult as a Trek free tv would be, I think they
        > need a break to re-awaken the Trek interests.

        I know and in a sense I agree but I know I would miss it too
        much so I hope there is more to come.......:o)
        > > > 10. Do you have a question about Voyager?
        > > Please explain how Naomi Wildman is just 5 yrs old.

        Good question and why she shows up at the most unlikely times ie. why is
        she there to begin with anyways? I think she is older looking because
        her alien half makes her grow up faster than humans?

        Thanks for your answers Birdie!!!

        > Birdie out.
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