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Re: [ST1-LCN] T'Pol is in Star Fleet.

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  • The Sweetest
    ... [ATA]In terms of what they ultimately are; the making of a commisioned officer, they are the same. The difference that maybe the cause of the apparent
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      > Any person whom served in the armed forces, anywhere will know, that graduating and getting you kit, insignia, sidearms, etc and wearing and maintaining your kit is what is the main point of discipline and control. In battle people get promoted "until you die or somebody better comes along" - field commissions are not the same as a full commission, which needs to be earned.

      [ATA]In terms of what they ultimately are; the making of a commisioned
      officer, they are the same. The difference that maybe the cause of the
      apparent confusion is that as you pointed out, what you call a full
      commision is something that have to be earned, at least going to an
      officers school. While the field commision is used as a reward to an
      enlisted person for services rendered in the field. But once it is
      given it is a full commission. If I recall correctly the main point
      about this is that sometimes a field commision was on a temporary
      basis and was subject to some kind of confrimation, so an enlisted
      person could receive a field commision as a Lt. for the duration and
      when the operations were over he could loose it. Also the pay was an
      issue too.

      But at any rate the point is that a field commision in general terms
      is the same as a full commision.

      >Being offered a field commission because she disassociated from the
      High Command in no way can be likened to those people whom trained and
      worked their way up the command structure.

      [ATA]But then again, that could be true for an enlisted person but
      Tpol was not an enlisted, she was already an officer.

      > She did not go through the academy or Earth's Military schools, did not take any specialisations, and did not graduate to earn a commission, there is no way in hell any military body would give credentials or commission to somebody whom did not rise up through their system

      [ATA]Well, yeah. If the person has the qualifications and is already
      achieved all the requirements by other means, there is no reason not
      to give a full commision. I this case Tpol was already trained,
      specialized and commisioned by the Vulcans. When asked to join SF it
      doesn't seem she wpould have to go thru any training. Espoecially when
      very likely she was going to help in the starting up of SF.

      > ... a fine example in females whom sought to serve with males together were given a hard time. It is shown that Spock's training and enlistment in StarFleet was not acceptable them, and he challenged the status quo of StarFleet being as said in Star Trek VI "a Homo Sapiens only club ... present company excepted". Again and again and again, and again it is stated that Spock set the standard, broke the mold, fought the prejudice, challenged the convention, etc and showed that different species working together could work, not that he followed some other trend setter, Vulcan or otherwise ...

      [ATA]Where is that stated? Only one episode, one movie, in which that
      struggle of Spock would have been stated.
    • Kathryn Dennis
      It would be extremely naive to enter unknown space without the ability to defend. Going out looking for a fight or to conquer would be a different story
      Message 253 of 253 , Jan 18, 2008
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        It would be extremely naive to enter unknown space without the ability to defend. Going out looking for a fight or to conquer would be a different story altogether. Starfleet / the Federation quickly learned that they needed to arm their ships well to make sure that the crews they were sending out to make all of the first contacts and do the exploring they wanted to do stayed safe. Throughout the ENT series a viewer can watch as Starfleet learned how important not only the exploration but the ability to defend the ship and crew was. The evolution was one of the things I found most interesting when I watched the series.


        Jonathan Marquez <Naiskos_16@...> wrote:

        If Jean-Luc were dead he'd be spinning in his grave!

        Picard clearly didn't view Starfleet as a military organization, not even partly, if you'll see the TNG ep "Peak Performance." They are explorers and diplomants and not warriors. The need for "a fleet of armed ships" is for the same reason some of us keep guns, bats, or various objects next to our beds. It's not safe out there--just ask Q!

        "If you can't take a little bloody nose, maybe you oughtta go back home and crawl under your bed. It's not safe out here. It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross; but it's not for the timid." -- TNG "Q Who?"

        Remember Starfleet's charter is "...to boldly go where no one has gone before." It's not "Kill 'em all!" This is the Federation Starfleet and not the Federation's Mobile Infantry (no, I've never read the book just watched the movies).

        -- soup_borg
        Posted by: "John Leister">> I beg to differ..... I view Starfleet in any series as part military.
        Why else do they keep a fleet of armed ships?
        John <<Soup BorgMy blog: Chronicles of a Puerto Rican Trekkie Sci-Fi Freakhttp://360.yahoo.com/rch891 jIqonmo' jIyIn.========="I live because I write." MCPO Saleel Ki'kaal F'A'OChief of the Boat, USS AntaresObsidian Fleet Task Force 21-Chttp://www.ussantares.net LtJG M'Korca tai-ArdarChief Intelligence Officer, USS EinsteinObsidian Fleet Task Force 21-Chttp://www.lancre.info/UssEinstein "Fine, I guess no one agrees with Roddenberry's vision of the future except me. That is sad. You say it would take thousands of years to change human nature? All it took to change mine was watching Star Trek."-- Buddy S., Member of Earth: Final Conflict mailing list
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