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    I m still here, had to take a hiatus to knit a sweater for my FIL but it s knitted and will be washed and blocked later today, then the buttons sewn on. We re
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2007
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      I'm still here, had to take a hiatus to knit a sweater for my FIL but it's knitted and will be washed and blocked later today, then the buttons sewn on. We're heading to southern Oregon next weekend on my vacation so will give it to him then.

      In celebration, I picked up my St. Brigid last night and spent about 10 minutes remembering where I was on the first sleeve. Not very far, but now that I have re-established the patterns in my mind I will be able to make faster progress on her. With the weather turning colder I am really looking forward to being able to wear her. I'm planning to make lots of progress on her while I'm on vacation.

      I knit my St. Brigid in the round up to the armholes, then divided for the front and back and worked the rest of the body. I picked up for the first saddle, knit it while joining to the body, then picked up around the armhole and am working the sleeves top down. I'm using Cascade 220 in Turquoise on size 5 needles and love the color and the way the patterns show up in it.

      I'm going to be very busy this fall knitting sweaters. I'm the listmom for the Mara_class group and we start Amphora on October 15th. I'm in the Fulmar KAL, which starts October 1st, although several folks have started already with gauge swatches. My Frangipani yarn came Wednesday for it on a cone and I'm planning to start a saddle tonight or tomorrow to check my gauge. DH took an empty CD spindle case and made a cone holder for me out of it by putting a piece of PVC pipe over the center shaft to make it closer to the inside diameter of the cone.

      One design comment on St. Brigid - I really dislike having to sew seams at the end of a project, so I redesign the sweater as much as possible to be knit in one piece. I was thinking of knitting the torque piece of St. Brigid attached to the sweater, but I got to thinking about why AS would have designed it to be knit separately and then joined. I realized that by knitting separately and then joining, the same amount of yarn would be in the stitches on each side of the panel, so it would give even support to the body. If I had knit it attached to the body, the stitches on the body side would be pulled by the sweater weight and have more yarn in them, thus being larger and tending to make the body droop, ruining the crisp shaping we all love in the pattern. So it pays to closely analyze a pattern before modifying it.

      If you don't have the 'Aran Knitting' book by Alice Starmore, and you can't afford the prices it goes for on Ebay, you might check into interlibrary loan. Several folks have been able to do that so they can knit the sweater with the group. I was very lucky (or smart) and bought the book when it came out, as I have always loved cable knitting. At the time it was a serious splurge for me but it is one book I go back to over and over when I have questions on cable structure or need a different cable for a project. I made St. Enda for my DH last winter, converting it to a top down v-neck cardigan, and will make mine this winter as the yarn is patiently waiting in the closet. There are pictures on my blog if anyone is interested in seeing how I modified it and how it turned out. He loves wearing it and commented the other day that it's almost cold enough to be able to wear it again.

      Happy knitting!
      Helen B

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