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  • Annie Driscoll
    Thank you all for the compliments. Heidi, you are correct about the softness of the yarn with the mohair content. That was a real revelation to me--I halfway
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      Thank you all for the compliments. Heidi, you are correct about the softness of the yarn with the mohair content. That was a real revelation to me--I halfway expected the yarn wouldn't work at all, that the mohair would blur the cabling too much. But no! no! It was sort of perfect, a combination of cabling and wearability. I think the red one, the Jaeger Shetland Aran, is more what Starmore had in mind, but my Atlanta-based sister will definitely prefer the lighter, softer St. Brigid.
      I wouldn't hesitate now to try another soft blend yarn for a heavily cabled design--I still think that tiny cables or gansey type knit-purl designs would get lost in translation, but who knows? Maybe some experimentation there.
      I really encourage you all to keep going!! And I especially look forward to seeing Heidi's neck modifications when they're through. It was your modifications on the Filey that really got me going on St. Brigid, Heidi. That's exactly the neckline I'd work for myself if I were going to wear the sweater. I can't abide necklines up around my neck.
      On the needles now is Martin Story's Celtic, from Rowan 40, the current issue, made with Felted Tweed and Kid Classic Trim. It's so delicate compared to St. Brigid! But lovely.
      Keep knitting, ladies. St. Brigid is worth it. :)
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      Hi Annie,

      They are truly beautiful!

      However I must say that the blue one really caught my attention. The
      stitch definition is perfect, and yet it looks so wonderfully soft
      due to the mohair content in the yarn. It feels like you cannot look
      at it without wanting to put in on immediately.

      The close up on the other one's neckline is very good. Making a
      neckline like that looking good is not an easy task, however you
      made a really good job on that one, it looks great!

      Progress on my St Brigid on slow. After finishing one side of the
      front neckline I realised that I had to redo it, since the
      shortcuts that I had been doing with the pattern due to the V-neck
      made it look terrible. Having redone it, I'm still not happy with
      it, thinking that it is to narrow over the shoulders. I'll probably
      end up ripping the back as well as the front back to where I started
      the decreases for the sleeves and then recalculate the pattern in
      order to make it 1-1½ inch wider over the shoulders, and then
      hopefully I'll end up with something that I like:-)

      http://knitbhyheidi .typepad. com/knit_ by_heidi

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      > Okay, my insane commitment to knit TWO St. Brigid's for two of my
      > sisters (thank heavens the other two never got in on this!) is
      > finito, done, finished. It really was a lot of fun, and very
      > interesting to see the two different yarns work up. The lighter
      > still worsted, but a light worsted with mohair, went to Atlanta,
      > the heavier Jaeger Shetland Aran is off to Denver tomorrow.
      > I think it'll be a while before I commit to doing two Starmores at
      > same time again, but I did enjoy the effort. Pictures of both are
      > posted in my photo file here. There are two of each--either I got
      > color right, or the cables showed well--but never both in one
      > for some reason.
      > Off to knit something simpler for the next couple of weeks.

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