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Re: [st_brigid_kal] ply wool

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    Hi Vicki, I love your pictures, I can now refer to them as I make progress with my jumper. Your St Brigid is really beautiful. I bet you are very proud of
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      Hi Vicki,
      I love your pictures, I can now refer to them as I  make progress with my jumper. Your St Brigid is really beautiful. I bet you are very proud of yourself.  Well done.!!!!
       I purchased wool yesterday to start mine, but my hubby liked the colour of the wool which is a rare thing in this house, so now I have put that away for him and I am about to hit the  very few shops here to find another colour.
      Thank you all for the information I received in regards to the ply of wool, it roughly works out to be our 10 ply. No doubt I will purchase extra just to be on the safe side.
      Take care.
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      Hi Val,
      Oh, now I can't wait 'til autumn so I can wear my sweater!  I was only able to wear it a few times before having to put it away for summer...
      I have pictures and some details/thoughts about this sweater on my blog here:
      I used Cascade 220 and had purchased 12 hanks.  I made the larger size, but left off the fringe, and used 9 hanks.  I've found, even in the few times that I've worn it, that it really stretches (all that cabling) and if I were to knit it again, I might use the smaller numbers.
      I echo Jody's "Welcome to the group!"  It's a gorgeous sweater.

      jody pirrello <savannahchik@...> wrote:
      Hi Val!

      Welcome to the group!  You'll see that many of us are slowly progressing on this sweater, although
      some have finished (Vicki and Kim come to mind but I know there are others).

      As for the yarn, here's some information that might be useful to you:

      Starmore's yarn that she uses on the pattern is her Hebridean 3-ply.  It comes in 50g hanks and is
      approximately 100m.  She also lists that the yarn is 11 wraps per inch.

      Here's a link to that page on her site: http://www.virtualyarns.com/about/tech.asp.

      Now, many (most?) of us tried to find a more cost-effective alternative.  Quite a few people are
      using Cascade 220 with great success. 

      Cascade's specs are: 100g hanks, 4 ply, 200 meters.  So, virtually identical specs weight and
      length specs. Cascade does have 1 more ply than Starmore.

      As for yardage, Vicki has weighed in on this one before.  I can't recall what her experience was,
      although in general I believe people are buying 1 or 2 hanks more than what's called for just to
      be safe.

      I also recall some knitters starting with a sleeve to get the pattern memorized and to work out
      any final tension issues.  I did't do that myself but it sounds like an excellent idea!



      --- Val <val853@...> wrote:

      > Hi everyone, I am a newbie to this site. Can you please tell me the
      > ply of the wool you use to knit your St Brigids and how big are the
      > balls of wool.eg: 50grm or 100grms. I am in West Australia and
      > our wool is different here.My pattern is being sent to me, so I want
      > to get the right amount of wool before it arrives. Any hints as to how
      > to go about starting this beautiful sweater or what to look out for
      > along the way that will make it easier to knit.
      > Thank you for any information.
      > Val.

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