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330Intro and old/new St B

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  • eusebius24
    Apr 4, 2007
      Hi everyone,

      I'm a Southern Ontario knitter working on St Brigid for the second
      time ... or is it the first?

      I was lucky enough to nab a copy of Aran Knitting a few years ago when
      a Toronto online store was selling its last copies. I ordered the
      Hebridean 3-ply in Red Deer from Virtual Yarns, and Jade S. helped me
      pick out the colour on the basis of a photo I sent of me and my
      daughter (then 6 months).

      I worked on it for a while, finishing the back and part of the front,
      and then life went crazy for a while and St Brigid went into a bag in
      the back room.

      Where it got eaten by moths.

      So ... I have frogged the moth-eaten pieces and will wash them
      tomorrow. They are so dusty!! I had to take allergy pills to stop
      the runny nose. Meanwhile I have started swatching (again) and have
      reached 1/2 stitch wider than recommended gauge on 3.75mm bamboo
      circulars. I think this will be alright, and my row gauge is a bit
      short, so blocking should cure this small discrepancy.

      Looking forward to learning from and sharing with all of you!