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  • I was recently perusing a book called Oriental Obituary (of Madras, India) by Urquhart, 1809. There was an entry for John & Mary Parham as well as Stephen Poirier, on page 64. He was once governor of St Helena, about 1707. If anyone would like a copy of the entry, let me know. Ed of Falcon
    ecs7fg@... Jan 25
  • I am replying to the message from Sue Bryan. The 1825 edition of the East India Register shows Thomas Evans, Husbandman; later as a farmer. I also noted he had a daughter born 28 Ap 1820. that is from the church records, instructions to find poster earlier. (via Witwatersrand) I can send a copy of the list of inhabitants, showing Thomas if you send me an email. (ecs7fg@^$1) Ed of Falcon
    ecs7fg@... Jan 23
  • I apologize if I failed to get the full address for the library in the post. Here is what I have: Email: librarian@^$1 I hope this all comes thru Ed of Falcon
    ecs7fg@... Nov 24, 2015
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  • I have been investigating how to contact these institutions with an eye toward requesting lookups. Here are the details: This is the contact information for the St Helena Library Jill A. Young Librarian Public Library Service Education & Employment Directorate Tel + (290) 22580 Email: librarian@^$1 This is the contact information for the St Helena Archives If you wish me to do a...
    ecs7fg@... Nov 22, 2015
  • I have read the recent notes about birth certificates. There have been past notes about looking up baptism records (from the University of Withwatersrand) or marriage Banns (I think from endangered archives at the BL) To me, these are great places to start. Even if there is an interest in still attempting to get the certificate, they will provide additional information to help pin...
    ecs7fg@... Nov 12, 2015
  • I saw the recent post about Watsons and Bagleys. Both families were prominent on the island earlier in the1800s. I have copies of lists of inhabitants from the 1830 time frame, that list these families. I would be happy to share if you send me an email. (ecs7fg@^$1) Ed of Falcon
    ecs7fg@... May 5, 2015
  • The British Library has a program. I am not familiar with the full extent, but I have looked at the subjects relating to St. Helena. It seems to have resulted in scanning documents that are in particularly deteriorating. there are about 30 subjects, of perhaps 200 pages each, on the island issues. this includes correspondence, as well as records of civic meetings, many of which...
    Ed Storey Jan 25, 2015
  • AJMM was a periodical about British Interests, principally India and the like. Since St Helena was on the route, it was also (briefly) included. Some issues have notices of Births, Marriages and Deaths. Here is an example from the 1826 (volume 21) edition: "At St Helena, Capt. F. MacKenzie Bengal N. I. (native infantry) to Mrs. Ochterlony" Occasionally, there will be a little...
    ecs7fg@... Jan 5, 2015
  • I am replying to a note by Mars about the ethnicity of St Helena residents. I have spent time going thru the BMD records of St James church slightly. I have seen a couple of clues to ethnicity. First, the records seem to be integrated. That is people of European and African descent are mingled in the list. Many of the entries have comments about the parents. There are four...
    ecs7fg@... Nov 28, 2014
  • I am replying to the message asking about where a race might be indicated. I can say that this is only indirectly implied in the baptisms (also perhaps marriages and deaths) Many entries note that the parents are either slaves or emancipated. The relative number of inhabitants, slaves, free and soldiers in baptism will also provide further clues about the makeup of the population...
    ecs7fg@... Nov 18, 2014