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  • Hi there, Merilyn, I can see a record for a Mary Ann Graham born to a James Graham, bombadier, First Artillery and his wife Frances. Jan 30th 1830. This looks like her father was out there as part of the East India Company Army that was out there at the time. See http://indiafamily.bl.uk/UI/FullDisplay.aspx?RecordId=014-000110139 on the British Libary site who have all the St...
    Jane Varol Jan 24, 2008
  • I too would be interested in this as I have an ancestor in a similar situation. Margaret, my ancestor was Benjamin Woulidge and he was in Captain David Kay Pritchard's Company of St. Helena Artillery according to muster rolls for 1827. I think this was the 5th Artillery. Does this ring any bells for...
    Jane Varol Jan 28, 2007
  • Hello again everyone, i am wondering if anyone has any information or resources they could point me to about the situation on the Island round about 1825, give or take a few years. I am particularly interested in the garrison, and what may have been the Fifth Company of Artillery. Also re. wives of soldiers. Would they have travelled out with their men, or would they have been...
    DarkTagnon Feb 27, 2005
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  • Finally, this is the full maiden name of my ancestor, born St Helena circa 1826.I have not been able to lcate a family in any of the local censuses. Can anybody help, please? Regards, D.
    DarkTagnon Feb 7, 2005
  • Further to my earlier message, I think I now have a surname for my great great grandmother Mary Ann. According to the 1851 UK census she is named Mary Ann Mason Roscoe, so I presume Mason was her maiden name. She would have been born in or around 1825. is there any way I could get further information? Sincerely, D
    DarkTagnon Feb 6, 2005
  • I think I have a great great grandmother born on St Helena. According to the UK 1871 census,where she was living at the time, married to my great great grandfather, she was 45 at that date which would make her birth 1826 or thereabouts. All I know is her first names, Mary Ann. Her surname isn't listed in any UK records I could access. Do members know of any data base I could...
    DarkTagnon Feb 3, 2005