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Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Smith/Rich family history

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  • David Thatcher
    Elize: Thank you for your response regarding my inquiry on the Rich family history. I am aware that there is a very strong connection between South Africa in
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      Thank you for your response regarding my inquiry on the Rich family history.  I am aware that there is a very strong connection between South Africa in particular Cape Town and Saints, but was unaware of the connection to Namaqualand.  I would like to find out more regarding Martha Maria Rich and her family though I have limited information as to her parents names, dates of birth, and when they arrived on St. Helena, etc.  I am hopeful that someone from the group may provide me with a lead as to these questions. 
      Warmest Regards,
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      Subject: RE: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Smith/Rich family history

      Hi David,

      I have a lot of info on the Rich family of Namaqualand South Africa . I know there are relations in New Zealand but have never found any connection to America .  A lot of Saints did emigrate from St. Helena Island to Namaqualand to work on the copper mines here.  My interest is in the Barker family of St. Helena – then the diggings in Barkly West.

      Regrds from Namaqualand ,

      Elize Hough

      www.hondeklip. co.za

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      Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist. ] Smith/Rich family history

      Greetings from the United States :

      I am presently researching my family's geneology and learned that we
      have a strong connection to the Island of St. Helena . My great,
      great grandfather, James Joshua Thatcher, married Eliza Sophia Smith
      at Knollcombe on November 7, 1876. I am attempting to learn more
      about Eliza S. Smith's family who were residents living at
      Jamestown . Eliza's father, Nathaniel Dreyer Smith, was allegedly
      born on St. Helena on May 5, 1835. On June 12, 1855 he was married
      to a Martha Maria Rich at a Baptist church in Jamestown . His family
      allegedly operated several stores or saloons upon the island. I was
      informed that Nathaniel D. Smith passed away on St. Helena on
      February 2, 1918 at the age of 82 years. I would like to know the
      names of Martha Maria Rich's parents and determine how they arrived
      at St. Helena . Also I like to know more about Nathaniel Dreyer
      Smith's parents who were identified as William George Smith and his
      wife Eliza ____________ . Any information that you could provide
      regarding the aforementioned family members would be most
      appreciated. Please let me know if there are any costs involved.
      Thank you in advance for your assistance. P.S. It is my goal to
      provide my four children with as much information about their
      ancestors as possible as I believe that to know where you are going
      in life involves going back to your past. P.S.S. My great cousin
      recently provided me with an ornate handmade jewelery box that
      contains the following inscription carved on the inside of the
      top "Made by Prisoner of War - St. Helena 1901". This obviously was
      made during the Boer War period.


      David N. Thatcher, Sr.

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