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Re: Searching for Helen Emma Beatson

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  • beatson_mann
    Hi John, First of all thank you for your information. I have not as yet located any administrative history for St Helena Brisbane, a short chronological
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 7, 2008
      Hi John,

      First of all thank you for your information. I have not as yet
      located any administrative history for St Helena Brisbane, a short
      chronological history around the time of my ancestor's birth (1846-
      48). St Helena, in Merton bay was named by Australian aborigines
      Noogoon. Its name was changed to St Helena after an aboriginal named
      Napoleon was exiled there in 1826. Merton bay Brisbane had received
      its first (free) settlers 1840, and opened to free settlement 1842. 6-
      7 years before Emma Beatson, was to have been born. A gold rush in
      Queensland (1850) boosted migrants to the area.

      St Helena, Merton bay was to become a quarantine station in 1866.
      Subsequently it became a prison Island. This is vague, because it
      could have been a prison for the colony, rather than for the UK, in
      1867. The prison earned both a tough reputation for inmates, and
      glamour's history in agricultural development, reportedly winning
      several international awards. St Helena, Merton bay is now
      thoroughly a tourist attraction for these settlers. I cannot find
      any colonially based geographical or economic reason for the UK penal
      system, or free settlers to have been drawn to Noogoon or St
      Helena. It seems modern history did not start on this island accept
      as settlement for the penal prison. I will continue to pursue a
      definitive, answer from Australian archivists, family historians, and
      historians around the possibility. Just on the off chance, there
      were settlers on this Island, other than government bureaucracy.

      Thanx Mike

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      > Hi Mike - don't forget that there is a St. Helena Island here in
      > Bay, about 10k off-shore from Brisbane!
      > HTH
      > John Coyle
      > Brisbane, Australia
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      > Subject: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Searching for Helen Emma Beatson
      > Hi to you all, I am researching my ancestor Helen Emma Beatson.
      Whom I
      > believe may have been born on St Helen around 1847, 1848. Her
      > place was given in Australia, which I find fascinating that she was
      > then, at 17 years of age. She must have made the journey from St
      > to Australia in her early teens. Oceanic journeys back then, I can
      > assume, was no cruise-ship experience. anyhow, I am very interested
      > know of any information regarding Emma. Also in anyway, how I can
      > contact with the Government Archivist for genealogical information
      > St Helena?
      > Many Thanx Mike
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