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RE: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Leggs and Knipes - and Glennis

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    Hi to you again Thank you so much for all the info - I had not realised that Richard Samuel Legg had gone to the US with his mother ... I wonder what
    Message 1 of 9 , Apr 10, 2008
      Hi to you again
      Thank you so much for all the info -  I had not realised that Richard Samuel Legg had gone to the US with his mother ... I wonder what persuaded him to return to St Helena?
      Charlotte must have been quite a woman to up-sticks with so many children and move to another world.  Where did she find the money to do so?  Did she come from money?  It must have been quite a decision for someone born into such a close-knit, secluded community.  I assume she was born on the Island?
      I was an avid researcher but came across so many brick walls, I kind of gave up. With shame I have to say that I have not been in touch with Glennis for yonks (I have her book, so I will have to look you up). 
      But recently I found some information (fathers side) that opened up a whole new avenue, so I'm now back on track, excited, and with my nose to the ground !
      I do have info on Charlotte.  I was in touch with Brian Parker and he gave me the Mass. side of the family (he didn't mention that RSL had also been on the original voyage).  I didn't have a reply to my last e-mail to him.  Do you have any news of him?
      I take it you are State-side.  I am currently living in Bristol, UK. but was born in what is now Malawi in central Africa (currently of Madonna fame !).
      I would really like to know more of your lineage via Charlotte.
      Do you subscibe to http://www.genesreunited.co.uk ?  If you do, I can give you access to my family tree and you can 'read all about it'
      Really nice to make contact with you, and as you say, maybe between us we will make the leap, it would be so magical ....
      I am keeping all my digits crossed!

      Christine Adams <adamslab2@...> wrote:
      Hi again-
      Yvonne asked:
      "what on earth is a 'Powke' maker ???"
      I have no idea, and it's been more than 20 years since I transcribed that info. I'm not sure I knew about "arrack" at that time, and am wondering if he was actually an "arrack maker." Emilia/Amelia went on to have a tavernkeeper' s license after her husband's death, which would support the "arrack" idea - just a guess.
      "If you descend through Emilia Knipe then you must know Glennis Snell who has written a wonderful tome on the Saints Knipes.  Her ancestors were Saints Knipes and her parents emmigrated to South Africa. Glennis has devoted her time in searching records in St Helena, South Africa, UK and anywhere else her internet journey took her."
      I do "know" Glennis. She and I have corresponded since at least 1998 - perhaps earlier. I believe she made a tiny, but undeserved, mention of me in acknowledgement section of her book. Since she has moved on to other family lines not of St. Helena, we don't correspond as often, but we do remain in touch.
      "On my side, Henry William Legg (via Emilia/Amelia) married Charlotte Sears and their son Richard Samuel Legg married Laura Henrietta Knipe. 
      Their Laura Emily Maria married Matthew Jago Lewis from Wales amd I am descended through them.  Again, I have no background info on Matthew, and looking for a 'Lewis' in Wales ....
      I guess we are very distantly related ... so, glad to meet you!"
      Actually, we're not as distantly related as all that.
      I am descended from Henry William and Emelia Knipe Legg's eldest child, their daughter Caroline. Charlotte Sears Legg and most of her children came to Massachusetts some time in the 1850's.
      Richard Samuel Legg actually came with them, but apparently went back to St. Helena, where, as you know, he died. His brother, William Napolean Legg also spent time in the US and St. Helena, but his major family was in the US.
      Charlotte d. in Fairhaven, MA. Let me know if you need that information.
      For the children of Richard Samuel and Laura Henrietta Knipe Legg, I have: Henry Alfred b. 1862, Isabel Maria b. abt. 1864, and then results of those maddening baptismal records which do not name the child, but only give its sex: Male b. 1868, Male b. 1872, Male b. 1876, and Female b. 1878. Was Laura Emily Maria the female b. 1878?
      Perhaps as we each muddle along, we might come across a breakthrough that takes this family line back to England. One can only hope.

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