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looking for anyone of the armstrong family born in st helena

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  • deborah jenkins
    my gran alice bennett , maiden name armstrong has roots in st helena. i am desperately trying to trace her fathers family her father is william armstrong.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2004
       my gran 'alice bennett', maiden name "armstrong" has roots in st helena. i am desperately trying to trace her fathers family her father is william armstrong. william was born in st helena and so i assume his brother richard/robert (my gran thinks its richard) and his two sisters are from there also. It is known that william armstrong went on to work as a train engineer in derby (where alice bennett my gran was eventually born) but his brother richard/robert must have stayed at st helena...i think? one of the sisters (apparently a wealthy daughter) moved to america. as my gran says she used to send her parcels from america when she was very small. the other daughter moved to morriston, s.wales.
      please could you help me find out anything of william armstrongs family. my gran has a reciept from the crown regarding money coming from her dad's brothers estate (she was therefore in his will........i think he is richard or robert as mentioned)
      any help on what happened to williams sisters?
      any help would be appreciated.
      many thanks miss jenkins

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