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  • me4usa
    ... but ... have ... the ... (born ... 1866, ... Saint ... area ... there ... Hi Mark. Your Matilda was my gt grandfathers sister! He was Thomas Henry. Do
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 10, 2007
      --- In st-helena-genealogy@yahoogroups.com, "Mark Bailey"
      <mcbailey@...> wrote:
      > Dear "jillspice"
      > I have just joined the group. I have been meaning to for some time
      > saw your recent message and couldnt believe my luck.
      > I am tracing my wife's family history (for her and her mum) and we
      > traced directly back to Samuel GARDNER and Louise (or Louisa)
      > I wonder if this can be the same? Although you mentioned GARDINER
      > coincidence and timeframe seem very close.
      > I dont know Louise' maiden name yet (or didnt until I read your
      > message).
      > If its the same people, Samuel was born in Rotherhithe 1823 and (we
      > think) was a soldier stationed on the island when he met Louise
      > 1828 St helena).
      > We think they had 2 kids in St Helena (Matilda 1854 and Samuel 1861)
      > before they came to the UK and had 3 more in Rotherhithe (Louise
      > Eleanor 1867 and Rose 1874).
      > My wifes family line descends from Matilda who married Thomas Barry
      > (from Ireland, probably in Army in Saint Helena).
      > It seems that the Gardner family (and Thomas/Matilda Barry) left
      > Helena between 1861 and 1866).
      > In the 1881 census the BARRY's and the GARDNER'S are all recorded as
      > living in the same house in Rotherhithe (37 Trident Street). The
      > nearby was called "Little Saint Helena". Trident Road is still
      > today (but no houses). Saint Helena Road is nearby. My wifes
      > grandfather came from Rotherhithe/Surrey Docks.
      > Would be great to catch up on common links.
      > Mark

      Hi Mark. Your Matilda was my gt grandfathers sister! He was Thomas
      Henry. Do you know anything about their parents,uncles,aunts etc or
      even more on other brothers and sisters? I am in touch with 'jill
      spice'. I didn't know Matilda was the Irish connection until I saw
      your posted message. Someone had said there was one but didn't know
      who or why. Our side of the family seemed to be constantly falling
      out so info is hard come by. J. ps. Don't suppose you have any
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