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Heads Of Households From The 1814 Census Of The Island Of St. Helena

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  • Alastair HONEYBUN
    From web page: http://www.genealogyworld.net/robin/helena.htm HEADS OF HOUSEHOLDS FROM THE 1814 CENSUS OF THE ISLAND OF ST. HELENA Transcription Source:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 23, 2007
      From web page: http://www.genealogyworld.net/robin/helena.htm


      Transcription Source: Christine Adams
      The East India Company Council Consultations 1678-1836, Vol. Feb 1813 -

      Last Name First Name
      Adam John
      Adams Thomas
      Adams William
      Alampus Theodore
      Alexander Frederick
      Alexander John
      Alexander estate John
      Alexander Henry George
      Alexander orphans George
      Alexworth Thomas
      Armstrong James
      Armstrong Robert
      Arresto Solomon
      Bagley James
      Bagley John
      Bagley Richard
      Bagley Robert
      Bagley orphans Benjamin
      Bagley Mary
      Bagley Thomas
      Baildon Adam
      Balcome William
      Banks Charles
      Banks Edward
      Barker Richard
      Barnes John
      Barret Fran
      Bateman John
      Bayes John
      Bazett Clarissa
      Beale ?
      Beale Ones's
      Beard Joseph
      Bedwell John
      Bell William
      Bennet James
      Blake Charles
      Blenkins George
      Boorman George
      Booth Joshua
      Bouldrick John
      Boyles Will
      Boys Richard
      Brabanon Will
      Bradshaw John
      Brady James
      Braid Elizabeth
      Broadway Ann
      Broadway Henry
      Brooke FH
      Bryson Arthur
      Burnham John
      Burnham Samuel
      Burnham orphans Thomas
      Burnside John
      Bush George
      Butler Michael
      Caldwell Daniel
      Callender Math.
      Carr Thomas
      Carrol Patrick
      Carroll William
      Chadwick Agnes
      Chamberlain Susan
      Chaplain Joseph
      Chentry Thomas
      Chippendale Leonard
      Clarke James
      Clarke Thomas
      Cocks James
      Cole Henry
      Cole Thomas
      Cole orphans Thomas
      Connolly John
      Constantine Mark
      Cotton John
      Coupland James
      Crandfield Will
      Crawley Patrick
      Crisp Heinrick
      Croft John
      Crout Robert
      Cruikshank John
      Cunningham Michael
      Dacey Thomas
      Delang Francis
      Den Tassell orphans (A)no
      Desfountain orphans John
      Desfountain Charles
      Desfountain Elizabeth
      Desfountain John
      Dixon James
      Dixon John
      Dogherty John
      Dogherty 2 John
      Doveton Gabriel
      Doveton WW
      Doveton orphans John
      Dowlain Chris
      Dray May
      Dring John
      Eager Robert
      Ellis John
      Enley Lucas
      Everton William
      Fallan Timothy
      Fitsormmons (A)no
      Ford Thomas
      Fowler (H)ill
      Fowler Robert
      Frith George
      George John
      George James
      Giles Thomas
      Goodison Isaacke
      Goodwin estate Richard
      Goodwin orphans John
      Gough John
      Gough Thomas
      Green Thomas
      Greenland Edward
      Greentree Thomas
      Greentree Watkin
      Gregg William
      Griffiths Mary
      Gunnell Charles
      Gurling Eleanor
      Gutteridge George
      H(a)wes Edward
      Hall William
      Harper James
      Harper Robert
      Harper Sarah
      Harquishymer William
      Harris Henry
      Harris Thomas
      Harry Joe
      Hayes Elisha
      Hayes Robert
      Hayssard Ellia
      Hazlewood Samuel
      Henry Pris(cella)
      Higgins John
      Hill Arthur
      Hodson Ann
      Hodson Charles
      Honeyman John
      Hubbard Daniel
      Hunter Ann
      Iacks Jos
      Iacks Martha
      Isacke Alex
      Isacke Alfred
      Isacke Elisha
      Isacke RV
      Iulios estate William
      Jackson Will
      Jennings James
      Johnson James
      Johnson Robert
      Jones Samuel
      Jones Thomas
      Kay John
      Kay junior David
      Kay senior David
      Kelly Conrad
      Kennedy orphans Nath
      Killin Patrick
      Kinnaird David
      Kirkham James
      Knipe John
      Knipe Samuel
      Knipe Sarah
      Knipe junior Mary
      Knipe orphans Richard
      Lamb John
      Lambe Aaron
      Lambe George
      Laurence John
      Le Briton John
      Leech George
      Leech HR
      Leech Robert
      Lees Thomas
      Legg John
      Lester Thomas
      Lowden James
      Mason Benjamin
      Mason John
      Mason Richard
      Mason estate James
      Mason orphans Richard
      Matthewson William
      May John
      McCail Math
      McDaniel Jos
      McDougal Dugal
      McKenzie John
      McPike Margaret
      McRitchie Thomas
      Mead George
      Mealy Edward ?
      Merchant Margaret
      Mills Maria
      Mittens Joseph
      Morre George
      Moyce James
      Nettleport William
      Newton John
      O'Connor Thomas
      O'Connor 2 Porteous
      Oliver John
      Paige Harri ?
      Perkins estate John
      Phillips George
      Pieri Helena
      Piploe William
      Porteous Henry
      Pritchard David
      Pritchard Eleanor
      Pritchard Henry
      Pritchard Sarah
      Renton AS
      Rich Jacob
      Rich Thomas
      Richards Thomas
      Richenbach F
      Rimmer Sarah
      Roberts R
      Robertson Samuel
      Robinson John
      Roofe James
      Rooks John
      Rourke Sam
      Sampson Charles
      Sanders Joseph
      Schendler Frederick
      Scott Charles
      Scott junior John
      Scott senior John
      Seale Archibald
      Seale Francis
      Seale John W
      Seale Robert
      Seale WH
      Seale estate Francis
      Seale estate John
      Seale junior Will
      Seale senior Will
      Seawell Charles
      Semolon Saul
      Shaw Robert
      Shirtler Mary
      Shortes JE
      Simpson James
      Singleton John
      Slator John
      Smart Thomas
      Smith Daniel
      Smith EC
      Smith Edward
      Soloman Jos
      Spratt Jos
      Stewart Jane
      Stewart Joseph
      Steyne Ludwig
      Stratham Robert
      Suter Will
      Taylor junior John
      Taylor senior John
      Thomas Thomas
      Thomson Benjamin
      Thomson John
      Thorn Thomas
      Torbett James
      Torbett JW
      Torbett Richard
      Tracey Will
      Truebody James
      Turner Will
      Ward SP
      Watson Charles
      Weston Charles
      Wheatley Jos
      Williams Samuel
      Wills Richard
      Wilson Andrew
      Wrangham Elizabeth
      Wright JA
      Wright James
      Wright Mary
      Wright Robert
      Yon Mary
      Yon Sarah
      Youde James O
      Young Amoret
      Young Richard
      Young estate Stephen
      Young Ann
      Young Stephen

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