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Re: [St.H.Fam.Hist.] Magnett (Maggott)

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  • Aldridge Fisher
    Hi Crystal, Unfortunately, I have no concrete evidence as to why this happened. Kate was her known name, Mary Ada is the name that we assume that she was born
    Message 1 of 5 , May 16, 2007
      Hi Crystal,

      Unfortunately, I have no concrete evidence as to why this happened. Kate was her known name, Mary Ada is the name that we assume that she was born with because there are no records that point to the fact that Kate was ever born on St. Helena, and from what I remember, Mary Ada was the only person born in St. Helena on Kate's birthday and year, along with sharing the same surname of Shoesmith at birth. Also there is no further record of Mary Ada on St. Helena after her confirmation, including death certificates. Her last surviving child passed away last year and although she has never been to St. Helena, apparently she was Kate's favourite child and the most likely to know about Kate's background. She did tell us to leave it alone and just know that she did it to protect her father.

      From discussions in the family, especially what her grandchildren remember, Kate's full name that she had on her passport was Kate Alfredina. Her father we know was Alfred, so we can only assume that her mother was Kate or Catherine, or something similar. We have also assumed that it may be possible that Alfred had Kate outside wedlock, hence the reason that Kate left St. Helena for Cape Town when she was between the ages of 12 - 16 and only returned when she had grandchildren. I do have a picture of Kate on the boat most likely in the harbour in St. Helena because the photo is Kate standing with her mother and some of Kate's grandchildren, my father's cousins. As far as I am aware, Kate never kept in touch with anyone on St. Helena and my uncles and aunt's have never done so either.

      My father's generation always talk about Kate telling them that her father was in the British army and from Yorkshire, although Mary Ada's baptism certificate shoes that Alfred was a barman from Yorkshire, that matched the description of Kate's father.

      So as you can see, I have lots of pieces to this puzzle, but I don't have all the pieces. I have contemplated taking a trip to St. Helena but I don't have enough to take to come back with a result. I currently live in England so that is also another consideration for me.

      So to Leonard, are there any records of your Maggott descendants with a Kate or Catherine Maggott coming up?

      On 16/05/07, Crystal Williams < cryswil27@...> wrote:

      Hi Aldridge
      Did you manage to find out why Kate changed her name to Mary?

      Aldridge Fisher <aldridge.fisher@ gmail.com> wrote:
      As I have been looking for records of my great grandmother from St. Helena, I have just found out that my Grandmother, Kate Alfredina Shoesmith's (she may also be known as Mary Ada Sabina Shoesmith) parents are Alfred Shoesmith and I do not know her mother's first name but her surname was Maggott.

      Kate moved to Cape Town and then married my Great Grandfather Luke Coverwell (later changed to Culverwell) from Kimberley in South Africa. They then moved to Bulawayo in Zimbabwe before finally settling in Harare, Zimbabwe. Kate was a teacher but did not give any useful family information to her children, hence not traceability!

      I don't even have any dates of birth  yet but I am looking into this. I am assuming that she was born in the early 1900's, possibly late 1800's. She did take her grandchildren to St. Helena, which I have a photograph of on the ship either to or from St. Helena - Cape-Town Route.

      If anyone knows of a Maggott or Shoesmith for more information, I will truly appreciate it.

      Have a good day everybody!

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